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Ordinary Suburban Wilderness in the West by The Elephant's Child
December 10, 2020, 9:26 pm
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I’m sure that I have mentioned that I live in a Seattle suburb. It is raining today in a desultory fashion, I live on the side of a hill, looking to the East. There is a golf course in the valley below, but I can’t see it. When I got up this morning the opposite hill was all misty from the rain. If you are thinking of moving to the Seattle area, you should be aware that it rains a lot here. A couple of days ago, I awoke very early, and the sky to the East was a brilliant coral, quite spectacular. Never saw that before. But that may say more about my early-rising habits than anything else.

Today, as I said, it was raining. And we were visited by a large flock of crows, noisy as could be. Crows officially come not in “flocks” but one speaks of a “murder of crows”. Well, nobody actually speaks that way, but that’s the official designation. I have no idea where that came from or why. I have pictures of a pair of bald eagles sitting in a tree on the uphill side of my lot, and a picture of several deer in the street out in front, never repeated, but nice.

This is all ordinary suburbia, but the mountains are not far away. We hear coyotes fairly often, they roam the golf course at night, looking for rabbits, and there are patches of woods around. At home in Idaho, there was lots of wildlife. I’ve heard a cougar scream, and a lynx killed my kittens. The dogs, of course, had their troubles with porcupines. Wildlife is not as far away as many assume, at least here in the west.

Environmentalists have pushed hard to restore wolves to the mountains of the West. I haven’t seen much written about it, but I know in some areas it is not going well. We never had wolves in my day. I’m rather inclined to be suspicious of those who claim to be “environmentalists” I always assume they are city apartment-dwellers who experience nature on their vacations, fall in love, but don’t really know much about it.

We had a year, long ago, when the snow came unexpectedly early. The deer, who usually moved down to the slopes of the Snake River where they could count on grazing through the winter, were stuck in the high country. The ranchers were also caught short, for they had not planned on having to provide hay for such a long period to feed their cattle. You could not buy hay on the market at all. We tried. The deer eventually starved and the coyotes feasted on the remains. That’s nature at work. Not always nice.

True Believers Just Believe, They Don’t Do Their Homework by The Elephant's Child
December 10, 2020, 9:12 pm
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What happens is that we get to imitate California’s reprehensible governor Gavin Newsom, who has been having major problems with power outages and forest fires. California has experimented hugely with wind and solar and learned that they not only don’t work but are remarkably costly. (See Ivanpah) Cost everybody involved enormous sums of money, accomplished nothing, except to kill large numbers of birds. I’m reluctantly coming to the understanding that Democrats just can’t be bothered to study up. They believe their own cherished beliefs, or perhaps just what other Democrats have to say, but they can’t be bothered to study up on the subject. But then, perhaps the reluctance to look things up is why they are Democrats in the first place. So look forward to more forest fires and more blackouts, because that is what Joe Biden’s policies portend. is a fairly new website featuring the writers and editorial folks from Investors Business Daily. Good website. Today, under the headline “Despite What Biden &CO. Say, There is No Such Thing As A Revenue-Neutral Carbon Tax”, they wrote:

Joe Biden is a climate change true believer, stating repeatedly human fossil fuel use is undeniably causing catastrophic climate change, which poses an existential threat to human existence. The names Biden has floated for his Cabinet picks and key appointees, such as Janet Yellen for Treasury Secretary, Anthony Blinken as Secretary of State, and former Secretary of State John Kerry as his special envoy on climate, reflects his commitment to imposing drastic policies to fight climate change

As with fanatics, true believers, and zealots throughout history, the fact that data indicate he and his appointees are wrong – climate change, while occurring, is not catastrophic – does nothing to dissuade them from their blind faith that apocalyptic anthropogenic climate change must be stopped at all costs. …

Among the policies Biden and company have embraced for years to fight climate change is taxing carbon dioxide emissions, in short, a carbon tax. Sadly, a number of old mossback, Rockefeller Republicans have also embraced the myth of the carbon dioxide tax. While they profess the carbon tax is a way to fight climate change, in reality it is, as so many policies are, simply another way for elites to accrue more power for themselves, exerting ever greater control over the lives of the common folk — the hoi polloi, Joe and Jane six-pack – whom they disdain.

Why such climate concern does not extend to investigating the science remains a mystery, but being utterly convinced that you are right seems to preclude such a plebeian idea as looking things up. Unfortunate.

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