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The Supreme Court Has Rejected the Texas Case on Vote Fraud by The Elephant's Child
December 12, 2020, 7:09 pm
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The Supreme Court has rejected the Texas Case on vote fraud, with Alito and Clarence Thomas voting to hear the case. I don’t know if there are other cases filed. If not, we can expect the Democrats to repeat their success, for more permanent control. A majority of Republicans believe there was vote fraud and a surprising segment of Democrats do as well. What is alarming is the efforts of Big Tech to control the narrative. You Tube, a subsidiary of Google, has announced that they will not allow anyone to question the election on their website.

The tech companies are all too new to notice that previously, business made a clear effort to stay out of elections and avoid taking sides, on the simple basis that they saw no benefit to angering half the population But the Tech companies apparently have large segments of their work force who expect the companies they work for to represent their partisan feelings, which I find extremely odd. Politics does not belong in the workplace.

Joe Biden, with his announced nominations for his cabinet is fulfilling all the worries about his ability. Andrew Cuomo as Attorney General? Susan Rice? His picks don’t seem to include qualifications. Pete Buttigieg as Ambassador to Britain? And of course he’s including all those he worked with in the Obama administration, and will make sure that all the racial divisions are represented. Hollywood celebrities are pushing someone who is a Native American, because they are Native American rather than for any normal reason for being qualified. How did we get to this divisive point, and why does the fact that one’s name might be recognizable because they were once in a movie make them qualified to inform the rest of us on all things political? Melinda Gates just objected vigorously to the fact that the Covid virus inoculations would first go to Americans. Explain that one.

Most worrying is that Biden’s “byline” seems to be “Build Back Better” which is the theme for “The Great Reset,” a truly frightening world government idea emanating from the Davos forum, but I have written about that before. Scroll way down, or enter it just above Bob Hope’s head in the sidebar. Trump Derangement Syndrome has gone way too far. Some have lost their connection to the real world, the Constitution, or why we have such an elderly document in the first place.

Christmas gift idea, or stocking-stuffer. Pocket-size constitutions are available from Amazon or the Cato Institute, inexpensive and a valuable desk drawer reference when you can’t remember what that amendment was all about.

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With all of the evidence of Republicans being denied their responsibility and right to observe all aspects of counting and verifying ballots, a district court should take the Texas vs 4 states case. It may get to the Supreme Court after that. I would fully support a military court to handle this if civilian courts fail to protect us from tyranny.
How many of our previous elections have been rigged? Seems a lot of the corruption is business as usual in Detroit, Philly, Chicago, etc….
This may be the last chance for our republic to stop tyranny by the socialists. Similar to the Nazis taking over Germany.

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