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Joe Biden Apparently Wants Open Borders by The Elephant's Child
December 23, 2020, 9:48 pm
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Joe Biden has explained that he really, really believes in climate change. I’d lay odds that he has never read a single scientific article about the problem, which doesn’t seem to actually be a problem. It has been much warmer in the past. He also really, really believes in opening up the borders to welcome more illegal immigrants. Headline in American Greatness: Under Biden, the Term “Illegal Alien” may Become Illegal. Now he’s even talking about tearing down Trump’s border wall. ( Illegal Aliens can easily be persuaded to vote Democrat) A big influx of illegals hits the poorest American workers hard.

“Illegal alien” has been targeted for elimination by the anti-borders Left for several years now, and that effort will kick into high gear in a Biden presidency. One of their favorite lines of attack is the mantra “no human being is illegal,” as if identifying a person’s legal status is equivalent to dehumanizing the person. There has also been much effort to classify the term as a racial slur. This is Political Correctness 101  intended to get people thinking based on emotions, not facts.

This attack on language is a modern-day version of “newspeak” from Orwell’s 1984. Violent rioters are actually peaceful protesters. Confiscatory tax rates are “investing in our children’s future,” and illegal aliens are “undocumented immigrants.”

Do read the whole thing, it’s not long. The TDS people have been trying to blame “separation of families”, and “children in cages” separated from their parents on Trump, but that was entirely the Obama Administration. Obama even had shoes printed up, for the kids who came without shoes, with his picture inside, I guess so they would know who gave them their first shoes?

I also know someone who is convinced that the Democrats get significant donations from the Drug Cartels to look the other way at the drugs coming over our southern border. During this Covid Crisis, drug overdoses have climbed significantly as a cause of death. Whether that can be blamed on lockdowns or increased availability of drugs I have no idea. We have a lot of governors and mayors issuing orders about how to manage the Covid Crisis without much information or expertise backing up what they are doing. Pay close attention, and lets get rid of the incompetents next time.

In the meantime, the Border Patrol is doing an outstanding job under difficult circumstances. Child trafficking is a real problem, and not all the people who are trying to get in would be a particularly good addition to our society.

The Big Omnibus Economic Relief Bill by The Elephant's Child
December 23, 2020, 8:19 pm
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Lockdowns, Covid-19, closed businesses, riots, incompetent governors and mayors, protests, looting, just another day like all days in the wake of the Corona virus. A demand arises that Congress appropriate some money to jumpstart the economy once again, so, naturally they do their usual Congressional thing. They appropriate $600 dollars for everybody as an economic stimulus, and add on all the splendid Democrat ideas they’ve been drumming up in the wake of TDS. So it adds up to something just over 2 Trillion dollars added to the federal debt.

Any time someone says “federal debt” do remember that the federal government has no money of its own. Every last cent comes out of your pocket or bank account. So, of course, they add all their greedy wishes and hopes and political payoffs in. (I heard, 2nd-hand, from something on Twitter), that Speaker Pelosi got her plane back. As Speaker, she got her own military plane under Obama, and pilot to fly her around so she didn’t have to spend time in airport lines and associate with the ordinary riff-raff. Some sensible entity in government thought that was ridiculous and removed the privilege, and she has been chafing about it ever since. It may not even be true, but that is just the sort of thing that Democrats tuck into big omnibus bills because with the cover of $600 for everybody, the sky’s the limit. That $600 will probably not even begin to cover your eventual cost.

That’s how Congress works. You might keep that in mind next time you vote. it’s a pretty cushy job.

Kilauea is Erupting Again by The Elephant's Child
December 23, 2020, 6:07 pm
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Kilauea, the volcano on Hawaii’s big island is erupting again. I believe that it is the world’s most active volcano. and erupts with some frequency, but not a predictable schedule. My knowledge of volcanoes is very limited. We do have our own here in Washington State, and though we had some excitement with Mount St. Helens a few years back, there are others in that mountain chain that are just politely sitting there looking beautiful, but refraining from disturbing the peace. This is the biggest Kilauea eruption since 2018.

Anthony Watts at WattsUpWithThat has pictures and film for volcano lovers.

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