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The Big Omnibus Economic Relief Bill by The Elephant's Child
December 23, 2020, 8:19 pm
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Lockdowns, Covid-19, closed businesses, riots, incompetent governors and mayors, protests, looting, just another day like all days in the wake of the Corona virus. A demand arises that Congress appropriate some money to jumpstart the economy once again, so, naturally they do their usual Congressional thing. They appropriate $600 dollars for everybody as an economic stimulus, and add on all the splendid Democrat ideas they’ve been drumming up in the wake of TDS. So it adds up to something just over 2 Trillion dollars added to the federal debt.

Any time someone says “federal debt” do remember that the federal government has no money of its own. Every last cent comes out of your pocket or bank account. So, of course, they add all their greedy wishes and hopes and political payoffs in. (I heard, 2nd-hand, from something on Twitter), that Speaker Pelosi got her plane back. As Speaker, she got her own military plane under Obama, and pilot to fly her around so she didn’t have to spend time in airport lines and associate with the ordinary riff-raff. Some sensible entity in government thought that was ridiculous and removed the privilege, and she has been chafing about it ever since. It may not even be true, but that is just the sort of thing that Democrats tuck into big omnibus bills because with the cover of $600 for everybody, the sky’s the limit. That $600 will probably not even begin to cover your eventual cost.

That’s how Congress works. You might keep that in mind next time you vote. it’s a pretty cushy job.

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