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Biden’s climate plan will not address gender and racial inequality by The Elephant's Child
December 28, 2020, 2:29 pm
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This was an actual headline at The Hill, and whoever wrote it should be spanked and sent to bed without any supper. According to the 2010 census (this year’s will not be available for a while) 76.3% of the American population are white, 13.4% are Black/African-American, 5.9% Asian, 1.3% American Indian or Alaska native, 18.5% Hispanic or Latino, 60.1% White alone, not Hispanic or Latino. and .02% Pacific Islander or Native Hawaiian. All of the blather about “white supremacy” just reflects that 60.1% of Americans are white but not Hispanic or Latino. Doesn’t refer to “superiority” at all.

Gender is a different matter. One is born with a defined gender, and attempts to change that seem to be a matter of psychology rather than actual transformation. The sticking points seems to be preferred bathrooms, and the problems that causes for those who are not confused about their gender, and of course sports. The “gentler sex” usually does not have the muscle and strength of a man and is at a disadvantage on the playing field. But lumping it in with racial inequality seems somewhat not just unfair, but inappropriate. Unless facilities choose to add “gender neutral” bathrooms, which isn’t going to go down well unless there is an alternative, attempts to cater to “preferred gender aren’t going to work and the onus will fall on those who are attempting to change their gender. Treating this as some kind of racial inequality simply will not work. Changing how the world works to cater to a tiny minority isn’t going to work either. School districts probably shouldn’t be trying to cater to every new, new thing that comes on. Forbearance and courtesy will help, but not all problems have easy solutions.

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