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Nancy Pelosi Has Been Reelected as Speaker of the House. by The Elephant's Child
January 3, 2021, 9:44 pm
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Nancy Pelosi is back in the news. She has been reelected as Speaker of the House, not without some strenuous objection, well-deserved. Silly stuff. She has attempted to eliminate anything “gender” from the basic rules, oh, like “mother, daughter, grandmother, aunt, ” that sort of thing, because it might offend the transgendered, and we are so extraordinarily sensitive to the teeny possibility that someone might take offense, that we must remove such temptations. Sheesh! At any rate Chuckie Schumer has announced his support for making the bathrooms in all American schools gender neutral as Joe Biden apparently desires. I suspect that millions of American mothers will have some objection to inviting the boys into the girls’ bathrooms, but I could be wrong.

I believe that transgenderism is a psychological problem rather than a physical problem. Granted, it is exceedingly difficult for those suffering from it, but mutilating the body does not solve anything, nor change anything. Some are able to successfully change their lives, some are not. Catering to the problem as if it is common and widely occurring is a mistake.

But back to Speaker Pelosi. Her home in San Francisco was attacked with paint, graffiti and a dead pig, supposedly by Antifa. Who knows?

She continues to carefully select silk scarves that match her clothing for the day as substitutes for coronavirus masks. The CDC has warned that silk scarves don’t work, and there is the prospect that some people out there might unfortunately imitate her use of scarves, but I suspect that most people are not apt to copy the House Speaker anyway.

How Do You Use the Internet? by The Elephant's Child
January 3, 2021, 7:50 pm
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I want to ask about how you use the internet. Particularly in the area of the news. If you have a computer and use it regularly, I assume that it has become your major source of news, or perhaps your only one. Have you discontinued your subscriptions to your local newspaper? How about magazines, have you cancelled your subscriptions as an unnecessary extra cost? Where do you go on the internet in your search for what is going on? How many news sources do you visit regularly, and are there some that you visit just occasionally?

That interests me because the situation out there is so fluid. The most obvious fact to me is that Google’s advertising on the internet is not bringing in the funds they thought would be forthcoming. There’s a limit to the number of tee shirts with cute sayings that will appeal. The first reaction was to separate some of the more titillating news off as a “plus” to be paid for separately, not necessarily as a subscription to the whole website. That apparently worked to some extent, so they are working at shifting to subscriptions entirely. I don’t know about you, but I normally visit about 20 different websites each day. (I’m retired, so I have more time than you do).

Paying for a subscription to 20 websites is not going to happen. So apparently we are returning to the way it used to be a lot of years ago. You will subscribe to a full-service website that substitutes for your big state newspaper as it used to be, and maybe a couple of more, and get your news from the radio? Different people have different budgets for such things, but it indicates a less-informed public, does it not?

Think about the historical progression of the news. Once we had “town criers”, news was carried from one community to another on horseback. No radios, telephones. The news was passed from one person to another,with about the accuracy you can imagine. It could have been days or weeks before you discovered who won the battle or what tremendous event happened and when. Remember the pony express, and carrying the news around the Horn on sailing ships. Granted, some days it seems as if having a little less news would be desirable. The “Media” has become an enormous operation consumed with partisanship. Everybody now probably has their own list of reporters never to be listened to. Journalism is no longer a widely respected occupation, is it?

My sense is that this is a really unfortunate development. How about you?

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