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Let’s Talk About the Difference Between Republican Government and Democrat Government by The Elephant's Child
January 5, 2021, 5:20 pm
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The important purpose of winning an election for Democrats is to win control. Control of the government? What do they have in mind that is so different than what Republicans want? Of course both parties want control, but Democrats want control of the purse strings. They want to funnel taxpayer money to causes that will support Democrat aims, which is mostly more control. Republicans, on the other hand, want more freedom. What Republicans have in mind is usually removing regulations, removing the heavy hand of government so the American people will have more freedom to grow and prosper. Free people will invent new businesses, get rich, and the economy will blossom. Democrats basically regard “the Rich” as the enemy, and want to take their wealth away to give to the less fortunate. AOC just made up a bunch of tee shirts which she is selling for I think it was $58 each, that say “Tax the Rich”. Democrats admire her for being outspoken and for “the squad” who also try to be outspoken. Republicans are generally amused by her ignorance.

In the old country (mostly England, but Europe too) young people were stuck in their family’s class. If The family raised sheep, or cabbages, their offspring could expect to raise sheep or cabbages, rather than hold office or enter a profession. There was a reason why so many were willing to cross a vast ocean to populate a new world. Class was important, and you didn’t get to step out of it. The miracle of America was the opportunity to rise, to be what you were willing to work hard to become.

Democrats, consumed with their right to be in control, expect to improve society by taxing away more of the money of the rich and giving it to the poor to improve their lot. It is not just taxes, of course, but regulations. To quote The Hill today, “president -elect Joe Biden is building a team of seasoned government professionals who can help him embark on an aggressive regulatory agenda once he takes office. “

Biden has already drawn in experts with deep government and regulatory backgrounds to head some of his agencies. Many of those who will serve in his White House or Broader administration have worked in multiple previous administrations. You thought it was all about Trump’s tweets, didn’t you?

“They will have a heavy workload. Under the Trump administration, various departments have rolled back a suite of environmental laws, set up barriers to immigration and weakened a host of discrimination protections at various agencies. “

“Democrats are pushing Biden to waste no time in beginning a regulatory process that can take years. Seton Motley, writing at Red State, wondered if anyone had considered that what he wants to do Constitutionally requires preceding legislation from the Legislative Branch. He added:

Speaking of Trump’s agenda:

The Trump Transition: Away from Enormous, Terrible, Top-Down Government
Trump Cuts 22 Regs for Every New One
Donald Trump Celebrates Record Success in Cutting Regulations

Oddly enough, enormous terrible top down government does not grow an economy nor help the people to prosper. Ten Reasons Trump Economy Is Best in Fifty Years

They are Trying to Change Our History to Serve Their Own Purposes. by The Elephant's Child
January 5, 2021, 12:07 am
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“The 1619 Project” published in the New York Times purported to demonstrate that Slavery arrived in America in 1619, even before the Pilgrims, and to prove in this super-sensitive age just how dreadfully awful we Americans are, once again. Interestingly, it’s the folks in history that were dreadfully awful which excuses us. That turned out to be pure bunk, but ever since George Floyd died while being restrained by police, racism is a hot button. His death, which may have been attributed to a Fentanyl overdose, rather than to police restraint, ignited the “Black Lives Matter” movement., which in turn has lead to statue toppling, riots and demonstrations, and the whole “woke” thing. Boston just removed a statue of Abraham Lincoln who fought and won a war over freeing the slaves, apparently because Lincoln wasn’t really “woke” enough.

The 1619 Project referred back to the first English settlers in the Chesapeake Bay part of Virginia, who were supposedly offered slaves to work their fields and thus introduced slavery into America. A quick dive into my history books claims that Portuguese traders sold a group of indentured servants (who unable to afford the cost of their transportation to America were “indentured” until they paid off the cost of their passage). Not quite the same thing as slavery. A great many early settlers came as “Indentured Servants” to pay off the cost of their travel. Some were laborers and some were even teachers. Attempting to associate it with slavery is incorrect, but convenient for those who always want to prove that slavery is a uniquely American fault.

Who would have thought a couple of years ago that we would be talking about being “woke”? Not exactly sure just what the definition of being “woke” is, but it’s something in the realm of being “super-sensitive.” A while back the New York Times drummed up “The 1619 Project” which supposedly described the arrival of slavery in the United States. I thought that was bunk, and I was correct. English colonists under Sir Walter Raleigh and Humphrey Gilbert arrived in the late 16th century to found a colony, settled later at Roanoke Island just off the present-day coast of North Carolina for the “Virginia Company”.

Some 100 Pilgrims arrived in New England on the Mayflower in September of 1620. That’s Myles Standish, William Brewster and Squanto. In this super-sensitive age we are required to examine our heritage for offense to the Native Americans, who were undoubtedly mistreated by the Pilgrims, because it is quite necessary to find fault with our forbears. If we hadn’t invaded the peaceful American continent, and mistreated all the natives, then who would we blame for what?

Here’s an interesting take on the Pilgrims from National Geographic. Try to imagine yourself on the vast Atlantic Ocean on a small sailing ship with your fellow religionists and their families, their household goods, and all their livestock, sailing into the unknown, hoping you would survive.

If you start, on the other hand, with the simple fact that human beings often have a hard time getting along (take note of any family you know) and we have made rules and laws and courts and Constitutions to help us get along, we’re really not doing too badly at all. Read some history, recognize the nature of being human, and mellow out. Life is not always easy, but full of disappointments and grief, as we grow up, we learn, to some extent, to manage.

They have made a reconstruction of the original Mayflower, that you can see if you are on the east coast near Boston, or you can even build a model, but imagining the reality of that original voyage into the unknown is something else entirely. Lots of information online, and lots of pictures. It will enrich your life a little to study up on that voyage, and see just where we have come from.

Today, the “woke” Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, has removed any words suggesting gender from official usage lest it offend or denigrate those who are attempting to change their gender. No more “mother, wife, woman, grandmother, female, etc.” lest it somehow offend. I would strongly suggest that you resist. This is just getting silly. But then if we are engaged in battles about general “wokeness” we won’t have time to object and fight lavish spending of taxpayer funds devoted to encouraging more illegal aliens to vote for Democrats and fighting a nonexistent climate crisis. Go figure.

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