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Enough With the Outrage! by The Elephant's Child
January 9, 2021, 10:18 pm
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Democrats have worked hard to portray the riot and invasion of the Capitol building in Washington D.C. as caused exclusively by President Donald Trump’s outrageous ideas about a “stolen” election, and encouraging his supporters to riot and invade the Capitol.

In case the Democrats haven’t noticed, there have been major riots, looting, business destruction all over the country since George Floyd’s death in May of 2020, in most major cities. Portland’s beleaguered mayor has finally surrendered and asked for the National Guard to come in and save him from Antifa. Calls for defunding the police have dropped off somewhat as killings have increased, but really grasping cause and effect seems beyond the media’s powers. It’s much easier to just report what some minor celebrity said.

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi is right out in front, trying to raise outrage and, if possible, destroy the president. Ever since her outrageous demonstration in the house of tearing up her copy of the President of the United State’s State of the Union address on live television, she’s been looking for a chance to impeach him, or censor him or destroy him, without much success. He has done a remarkably good job for the economy, for business, for the environment, and for peace in the Middle East by opening embassies in Israel. Talking over relations is much better than fighting, and the Israelis are grateful.

Joe Biden’s plans, as they gradually appear, are terrifying. He believes firmly in a nonexistent climate crisis, and will put the economy in recession by banning fossil fuels needlessly, promoting electric cars, for which there isn’t enough electricity, promoting windmills and solar arrays that cannot produce the energy needed by a modern industrial society, at enormous crippling cost. It has been far warmer in the past to no ill effect, and there is no evidence that climate change is a big deal, except to autistic Swedish children.

Biden wants to eliminate charter schools (teachers’ unions don’t like them) which have young black kids matching the accomplishments of some of the most exclusive school districts. He wants to go after the gun companies so guns can no longer be manufactured. He doesn’t think anyone should have one. And he is using the language of “The Great Reset” which is absolutely terrifying. “Build Back Better” is the key phrase. If you are unsure of what The Great Reset is, enter those words in the blank over Bob Hope’s head in the sidebar.

The problem with President Trump is that he might come back in 2024, and an Impeached president cannot run again. They have to prepare for the future. Now Nancy Pelosi has had the brilliant idea of trying to remove Trump’s ability to control access to the nuclear codes, apparently because she is afraid he might drop a nuke on the House chamber? Who knows? That one even confuses the legal scholars. Anything to strike terror into the hearts of susceptible Democrats, I guess. They not only have to destroy President Trump, his ideas, his supporters, and any remaining program so it does not reappear. They have been seriously terrified at his success over the last four years, and over their inability to get rid of him.

John Hinderaker has a nice overview at Powerline, which you might enjoy. You might notice that I even borrowed a bit of their headline.

What especially annoys me, is that Nancy Pelosi, who has a net worth of something over $40 million and a salary as Speaker of $223,500. tacked in her use of her “own” military plane to transport her home and wherever she needs to go on the taxpayer’s account instead of paying it herself, so she doesn’t have to mix with the common folk at airports. That seems a bit crass.

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