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Invading the Nation’s Capitol Building Just Went Too Far! by The Elephant's Child
January 12, 2021, 6:02 pm
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We are apt to talk a lot about other people, especially those who disagree with us, being poorly informed. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they are poorly informed, but it’s human nature to assume that you know more than they do. And it’s true. Some people don’t keep up with the news, nor know history, nor worry about what is going on. Those who have been paying attention over the last week have been astonished and dismayed to learn that President Donald Trump, in his concern over a fraudulent election, urged a riotist bunch of his supporters to invade the Capitol building and destroy stuff in their outrage.

Democrats, who have never let up in their attacks on Donald Trump since he first walked down that escalator, were really really outraged. Sedition, Traitorous, unbalanced, even mentally ill. Everybody chimed in. The attack on the nation’s Capitol Building was unacceptable, and just went way too far.

Uh huh. Nancy Pelosi, always ready to overreach a bit, called on the Joint Chief’s of Staff to remove Trump’s access to the keys to the nation’s nuclear weapons. I wondered if she thought Trump was going to drop a nuke on the House chamber. Major overreach or grasping at straws? Significant numbers of those who do pay attention wondered just what it was that President Trump said to his protesting supporters to get them to riot and attack the Capitol building. Even though riots and protests are becoming almost daily events, and becoming common, we still don’t like nor approve of riots. So there were a lot of people examining the records of what happened and who said what and when. Turns out Donald Trump suggested that those who were upset over the stolen election should come and march down Pennsylvania Avenue in protest. My Gawd! Sedition indeed. Exactly who stirred up the crowd and got them attacking the federal buildings remains unknown. It was said there were some Antifa people in the crowd, but who knows? Sorry to disappoint, but marching down Pennsylvania avenue is perfectly legal.

Democrats will never admit it, but they have noticed that President Trump has a lot of followers and is quite popular with them. His followers believe he has done a great job for the country. Well, Can’t have that!

Trump has promised an orderly transition, but he’s so crazy, who knows what he might do. More likely, they recognize that he is actually highly popular and might come back in 2024 and get re-elected and that would be a catastrophe. I’m not sure how confident they are in Joe Biden. Biden does make those awful speech gaffes. In any case, if they can impeach Donald Trump, then he cannot come back, because an impeached president cannot hold the office again. That’s what it’s all about. They are scared to death of him and his popularity, and his success in getting the economy going, and his successful warp-speed virus protection.

They would like to scare everybody off from getting the virus shots, but recognize that might be cutting off their own noses to spite their faces, and they don’t want to get Covid either. Kamala Harris’s husband has been heard saying that he’s going to be married to the President of the United States, so they aren’t expecting Biden to get through four years either.

It’s going to be interesting to see how all this plays out. I’m sure the Democrats will pursue impeachment, Not sure they will get away with it. Hard to do a coup when everybody is watching closely.

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