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The Ruling Class, Hard at Work. by The Elephant's Child
January 15, 2021, 9:36 pm
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What a mess the Ruling Class is getting us all into. Democrats, who have loathed President Donald Trump ever since he defeated Hillary, and probably before that, are trying to impeach him again and again, so he will never come back to haunt them. Hillary was going to be their first woman president. Democrats attach great importance to “firsts”, I don’t know why. She would have been a dreadful president. Compulsive liar, drinks too much, killed all her people in Benghazi. Other than that…

So they had a big impeachment vote, except the horrible charges they were impeaching him for were all phony. Trump invited his supporters to come to DC and march down Pennsylvania Avenue with him to protest the stolen election. The riots and invasion of the Capitol Building were apparently spawned on Twitter and Facebook by unidentified groups looking to cause trouble. Trump didn’t say anything to encourage a Capitol invasion, but encouraged peaceful good behavior. The timeline also does not fit. Some had already broken in to the Capitol building before Trump spoke.

The Democrats have tried to attach racism to the Capitol breach, but there was no racism involved whatsoever. “Racism” is just the current “badness” to be attached to anything or anyone out of favor. You can’t have people urging Joe Biden to continue Trump’s “Opportunity Zones” and at the same time try to accuse Trump or racism. Doesn’t work. The Opportunity Zones worked and put lots of unemployed blacks to work. Charter schools, fiercely opposed by teachers’ unions, have meant greater achievement for black kids, in many cases bringing them up to the level of wealthy neighborhoods.

Democrats are very big on racism and gender currently. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made a big deal of eliminating gender designations from the formal actions of the House of Representatives. Not going to have language that includes words that are exclusively feminine, particularly when Joe Biden is pushing for gender-neutral bathrooms in our nation’s schools. I suspect a lot of mothers would have some ideas about that.

But Nancy Pelosi apparently forgot her gender designation elimination when she got up to impeach President Trump once again. She said, (and this is not an exact quote) ” I come before you as a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, and daughter”, as she pointed out that her father had once served in the house. I just thought it was funny.

Way too much trying to make everything about racial prejudice, eliminating anything associated with the South, including Abraham Lincoln and military bases named after Confederate generals. You cannot change the past to fit today’s approved notions. We don’t have to refight the Civil War. A Confederate flag is a historical remnant of that time and not a call for a new battle. History is what happened in the past. Can’t change it now. Hopefully, we will regard history correctly as a record of what happened in the past, become familiar with it and learn from it.

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