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Big Business Priorities Will Be Joe Biden’s Priorities. by The Elephant's Child
January 17, 2021, 7:15 pm
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Big Business, having hired lots of illegal aliens as cheaper labor, now wants the new president to make them all citizens. The key word there is “illegal”. There is a formal system for entering our country to live and work, it’s called immigration. There is a procedure. You apply for admission and for citizenship, and wait your turn, study the Constitution, and take a test, and there will be a citizenship ceremony when you swear allegiance and are welcomed as new citizens. You just don’t ask a new president to waive all that for your convenience.

The initial idea seems to be that Google would take care of the internet advertising. Immediately services sprang up to offer to remove all ads for a small fee, and of course, you can just click on the ones you don’t want to make them disappear. There is a distinct limit to all the tee-shirts with cute sayings or kitties that people will buy. Google ads are remarkably unappealing. The fact that Google ads are not bringing in the needed revenue, means that websites are now deciding that you have to subscribe to read their offerings. I don’t know about you, but I visit about 20 different websites each day, and the likelihood of my buying 20 subscriptions is about nil. In the old days, before computers, people in good circumstances subscribed to their local daily newspaper, listened to the radio, and perhaps subscribed to a magazine or two. Readers Digest and The Saturday Evening Post come to mind. Far fewer people subscribe to magazines these days. You can just watch the shrinking magazine rack in your local bookstore. Radio remains free. But where are we to get the news? How do we remain informed citizens? Surprisingly. some really don’t want us to be informed.

We are under threat from Socialism, an enormous and growing national debt, a major pandemic, and a threat from Communist China, just to mention the more prominent ones. We require an informed citizenry. Democrats have been trying desperately to get rid of Donald Trump since the first day that he descended the escalator. First it was the Russians, and then they have been trying to stick him with some crime ever since. The latest, of course. is the riot and invasion of the Capitol Building. But the Russians were misinformation, and the invasion of the Capitol Building was the work of outside agitators, not any speech from President Trump. They apparently organized on Twitter. Nevertheless, Nancy Pelosi has tried once again to impeach him, now that his term in office is ended. They are terrified that he might come back in 2024 to run again. As they should be. Donald Trump has done an outstanding job as president, and historians will treat him well.

Here’s Victor Davis Hanson’s clear eyed view of Ms. Pelosi’s efforts which I urge you to read in it’s entirety. And I would suggest some resistance to the idea of making all the illegal aliens citizens. There are some really bad apples among that bunch, or where did you think all the illegal drugs flowing in from Mexico were coming from? They do have some helpers on this side of the border. The Border patrol does hard, and often dirty work, and deserves our support.

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