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I am not optimistic! by The Elephant's Child
January 19, 2021, 8:55 pm
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President-Elect Biden will be inaugurated tomorrow. Washington DC is garlanded in American flags, the National Guard is very present. The Governor of Florida is furious that his National Guard Troops had to be “vetted” as if they were some kind of unknown military service from some unknown country. You may have noticed that there’s a remarkable amount of plain old rudeness going around.

President-elect Biden seems unfamiliar with both climate science and with basic economics. He wants to “rejoin” the Paris Climate Accords, which assume that the earth is overheating because of CO2 in the air, and the earth will die promptly if we do not eliminate fossil fuels. The earth is not overheating, it has been far warmer in the past and far cooler as well. Spending billions will make taxpayers poorer, but will not improve the climate at all.

The autistic child from Sweden who had been promoting school strikes there, came over to the United States to lecture the United Nations on the proper actions regarding climate. The Press, of course, loved her and she even got her picture painted on the side of a building in Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco. Money and invitations to speak flowed in, her parents hired someone to advise her on her speeches. Now she has just graduated from high school and is still promoting strikes, and her parents are doing very well financially.

President-elect Biden has issued all sorts of pronouncements about his very first day actions. Very scary. Big “stimulus” payments adding billions to the taxpayer’s debt, which economists say is not a good idea. Wants to naturalize any illegal aliens who were here on January first, and pretty much open the borders. There are already caravans on the way north. Some Central American countries have unfortunate governance, and the people are desperate for something better. Instead of demanding fixes for their own government, they are heading to this country where they hope to find work. Democrats hope to turn them all into Democrat voters.

The ideas of free speech and free people are unsurprisingly unpopular with the “ruling class” of many countries. Ruling classes want control, and we must constantly be watchful to deny them that privilege. Always seems strange that so many fail to understand that very basis essential fact.

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If Biden wants unity, a genuine one, he will have to man up and apologize for the terrorist comment about Trump supporters. You can’t have unity when you’re demonizing half the population. He must forcefully renounce the rhetoric of the left regarding re-education camps and purity tests. In fact to be believable he has to mock the entire idea and those who suggest it.

If Biden issues one of those lame non apology, apologies then it will be worse than nothing at all. We will have severe disunity instead with a sullen population.

Time will tell if he has the strength of character to be a genuine leader or a petty tyrant. We will know it when we see it, the media will not need to slobber over him as with Obama to try to convince anyone.

The optics are so far as I can tell by approving of 25,000 troops in Washington DC, he himself doesn’t believe he won the election. What I see is an occupation of government by force of arms. He, Joe Biden, doesn’t seem to believe he is the duly elected president. If he believed it, then he would act that way. It’s all about affect.


Comment by Dscott

The Optics…

After A Week Of Leftists’ Hysterical Warnings, Weekend Rioters Were Absent At State Capitols

JANUARY 18, 2021 By Tristan Justice

“Americans have been gaslighted, again. After a horde of Trump supporters sacked the U.S. Capitol building over Congress certifying President-elect Joe Biden’s win in the Electoral College this month, Democrats and legacy media raised hysteria that the recent incursion was the first in what was supposed to become a series of domestic attacks targeting state capitols ahead of the inauguration.

The FBI leaked a bulletin to friendly press raising the alarm over a second Civil War, warning of a mass operation to overthrow state and federal governments in the run-up to Biden taking office.”


Comment by dscott

An empty Biden inauguration for a false victory

January 20, 2021 11:47 am Robert Zimmerman

A personal observation, was the real reason for this Hollywood production, called an inauguration, a cover for Biden against the possible embarrassment of protester #s being significantly greater than supporters attending the swearing in?


Comment by Dscott

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