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Flaming Rage does not usually lead to sound analysis. by The Elephant's Child

The House of Representatives voted to impeach Donald Trump for “incitement of insurrection.” Richard A. Epstein, one of our most important legal scholars, who is the Laurence A. Tisch Professor of Law and director of the Classical Liberal Institute at New York University, commented at the Hoover Institution, where he is fellow: “The Trial That Should Not Be“; Worth your time, not that long, and it’s good to have a clear legal take.

What a strange time we are living in. When you try to address the so-called “Big Picture”, reduce it to manageable information size, it boggles the mind. We have a new president, and the House of Representatives is trying to impeach the old one, when he is no longer in office, but relaxing and enjoying Florida, balmy weather, the golf course, and the absence of the press, or perhaps they are all hanging around the gates, ignored, waiting for him to do something really awful that they can write about derisively to make themselves famous.

Donald Trump is no longer President. He is the past president. Impeachment is meant to remove a president or other officer from office. There’s a major argument going on that they cannot vote to remove a president from office when he no longer holds an office. But they are not really trying to remove him from office anyway, they are just trying to make sure that he does not come back — ever. But of course they want him punished, disgraced, removed from history, removed from the news, removed from the people’s favor. They have loathed him from the first day when he came down that escalator. Part of it is, of course, that he is a Republican. Now they are trying to impeach a private citizen.

They have settled on the invasion of the Capitol Building as the cause, which gets even dicier, because that was done by other groups, BLM, Antifa? Not known just who they were. But Trump caused it with his speech about stolen elections. Well, no he didn’t. He asked his supporters to come to Washington and march down Pennsylvania Avenue with him to show their anger over a stolen election. Very large numbers of the public believe that the election was stolen unjustly, no matter how much the press tries to deny it. I keep mentioning the gentleman who was born in 1824, who voted in this election.

The Wall Street Journal suggests that in trying Mr. Trump, private citizen, they may revive public interest rather than ending it. As far as reading everything I could find on the capitol invasion, it appears that an unidentified group of dissidents organized on Twitter and Facebook. The rioters had already invaded the Capitol Building before Trump even started speaking.

Democrats started in with “Russian influence”as soon as Trump won the election, largely at Hillary’s behest. She is still stuck on that one, bringing it up again just last week.

The problem is that Democrats desperately want you to loathe Donald Trump just as much as they do, and they’re not going to stop until they get some satisfaction. Good Luck with that. In spite of the fiercely negative press, people are aware that Donald Trump was working hard for average working Americans. He had some truly major accomplishments while in office. His policies helped low-income and minority Americans most of all. You may not remember that Ronald Reagan was also called every vile name in the book, from “senile” to”fascist” and everything in between, yet his presidency shines as an example in our nation’s history. Here’s a list from (the former staff of Investors Business Daily) They list ten. I think historians will treat Donald Trump very favorably. They are inclined to put the partisan rage aside and try to evaluate on the basis of accomplishment.

I’m really not sure just why they hated Donald Trump so much. He did not accept his presidential salary, but donated it every month to fulfill a national need. They hated him for that too. He even issued a presidential pardon to the bunnies who were test subjects in the climate science labs, and they can be released to happy homes. How can you not like that?

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The point of the rage is to distract from their criminality.


Nancy Pelosi Buys 25 Tesla Call Options, May Have Benefitted From Joe Biden’s Electric Vehicle Push

“Pelosi paid between $500,000 and $1,000,000 for the options.”

Oh, that’s right, the elites are not subject to insider trading when they hold office…

You know even the liberal Jocbins hate the privileged. Try her in the court of public opinion and she will be found guilty by all.


Comment by dscott

I’m not surprised. Nancy Pelosi is not one of my favorite people. But then we have been learning a lot more about the people we have sent to one office or another and they are being exposed for what they are. From mayors right on up to presidents.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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