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January 31, 2021, 9:23 pm
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Patrick Moore was one of the original founders of Greenpeace, but quit them when they decided they were just another far-left activist group and no longer interested in the environment. It has been called, by those who know a thing or two about books on the environment, the best book yet.

It’s important to understand the battle right now, because new President Joe Biden is issuing executive orders one after another to ‘save’ the environment, as we have seen with the cancellation of the XL pipeline, and some 11,000 jobs, rejoining the Paris Accords, which is useless and costly, and much more to come. Biden believes that we are facing a climate catastrophe of some sort, and plans to legislate accordingly. We need an informed bunch of voters who can talk to their representatives. Or perhaps you should buy a book for your representative, or President Biden, but you can’t guarantee that they would read it.

I grew up mostly outdoors, in the mountains of Idaho at about 4000′ with 400 acres to run around in, with a St. Bernard to keep an eye on me. I have experienced a lot of climate, with big winters and lovely summers, and you are not likely to sell me on a “climate crisis”.

There is a Kindle version at Amazon, and the paperback is just $19.97. Your kids will need this knowledge as well, for it is going to e a long term battle. Biden wants to get us into The Great Reset, which is a world government, total control of the people thing. If you have not heard of that, enter that title in the blank space over Bob Hope’s head in the sidebar. I’ve written about that several times. Or simply do a search for “The Great Reset,” that’s one to really frighten you.

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