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Trying to understand what is going on: by The Elephant's Child
February 1, 2021, 9:53 pm
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John Hinderaker at Powerline, has done the best job of summing up what is going on, of any I have seen. I have never really understood the Democrats virulent hatred of Donald Trump. They have worked hard at demonizing him daily ever since he rode down the escalator. Do take the time to read it.

Democrats are over-impressed with their own “brownie points” — they think their “firsts” are something to be written up in the history books as very special, and entitling them to be in charge.

Of course that is what they are all about anyway, they believe they are entitled to be in charge of the government, to tell the public what they may and may not do, to use governmental influence to enrich themselves and their families, to be “important”, to reside in the Nation’s capitol at the center of things. Other people have different values, and if they are interested in politics, it’s to try to make the country happier, free, more prosperous, more open. Opportunity for all. Avoiding unnecessary wars is right up there too.

First woman president, first gay president, even first black president seems like the wrong characteristic to be looking for. How about what is their knowledge of economics, familiarity with American History, understanding of the meaning of freedom, aims for the country, view of what needs fixing, that sort of thing seems far more important.

President Joe Biden’s flurry of executive orders were something of a shock. Who could have imagined that he was so fixated on (a non-existent) climate panic, that he would sacrifice ten thousand American highly-paid jobs on a useful and beneficial pipeline that also brought new business to American refineries, for what? Big mistake.

But President Biden believes in the “coming climate catastrophe” which has already prompted rejoining the expensive and useless Paris Accords, and attempts to switch our economy to electric cars, (we don’t have enough electricity) suppression of fossil fuels (most of our electric power plants are run on fossil fuels) and a reliance on wind and solar energy which do not and cannot produce enough energy to run a modern industrial economy. He also has the illusion that this will produce millions of new jobs. It won’t. Once the wind turbines are installed they are serviced by helicopter. The usefulness of wind and solar are, of course, compromised by the fact that the wind does not blow steadily, even in the windiest places, and the sun is often covered by clouds, it rains and snows. Little annoyances like that.

I do not pretend to be a climate scientist, but I was an English major, which means I read a lot. But then, I became an English major because I read a lot. But I don’t just read about climate, I have lived it. Four feet of snow, plowing every day, fabulous sledding hill, snowshoes, skis. Cutting the ice in the river to store in the icehouse to keep the pop cold in the summer. Generating our own electricity. The picture at the top is of the peak that is the north end of the North Chain of mountains. If you hike over that peak ahead and drop down the other side, that’s where I grew up. Nice country.

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