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Fifty-two Executive Orders and Counting by The Elephant's Child
February 10, 2021, 10:09 am
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Joe Biden is having a wonderful time issuing executive orders. So far, he has issued 52, if the news is correctly keeping up. It’s easy, he just sits at his desk in the oval office, and signs his name to a piece of paper, and another thousand or so workers are thrown out of their jobs. Must make one feel very powerful. But nevermind. John Kerry, Biden’s climate guy, says the pipeliners out of work can just make solar panels instead. There you go. Simple.

It was what? 11,000 pipeline workers, and then another 5,000 or so border wall builders, because Biden is trying desperately to get rid of anything and everything done by the hated Trump. One might think he would turn his efforts to trying to accomplish something himself, but no ideas yet, I guess. Now, being somewhat unfamiliar with basic economics, he wants to fix things for the people by increasing the minimum wage to $15 an hour. The Congressional Budget Office says increasing the minimum wage will cost another 1.3 million lost jobs. That doesn’t even count all the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) people who are being put out of work because Biden doesn’t want them annoying all the illegal aliens he wants to welcome in as hopefully new Democrats. That’s beginning to sound like a major recession, isn’t it?

Too busy trying to impeach once again, the president who is no longer president but a private citizen, for an invasion of the capitol buildings which he was not responsible for. (Read that sentence again.) Biden is keeping the National Guard around to protect himself, I guess, in case the raging Trump comes back to hurt him. It’s getting pretty goofy back there. Meanwhile former President Trump is playing a little golf at his estate in Florida, and Nancy Pelosi is trying desperately to impeach him once again, so he can never come back to trouble her. What do you do when the people mostly remain sane, but the political class back in Washington seem to have slipped a cog?

If you read any list of Trump’s accomplishments for the American people over the last four years, it’s pretty hard not to expect that historians will treat him very well indeed. Here’s a list of Trump’s Top Ten Triumphs from the folks at Issues and Insights, who were the writers at Investors Business Daily, a most reliable group. Pelosi will not fare so well at the hands of the historians.

Trump both lightened the nation’s tax burden and removed regulations, and helped Americans of all races to prosper. His opportunity zones helped Blacks to get new jobs. You don’t accomplish that by issuing 52 Executive Orders to kill jobs. Nor do you accomplish anything by raising the minimum wage up to $15 an hour. What that accomplishes is putting a lot of people out of work, and making it impossible for kids getting out of school to get their first jobs. Nobody’s going to pay a kid $15 an hour while they teach him how to work at a job, what to do and how to do it.

A lot of the small businesses struggling to survive among riots and looters and the pandemic, have depended on hiring a few people at low wages to get by, hoping to raise their pay when things opened up a little. It must be really galling to watch the people who are insisting on lockdowns for everyone, and masks for everyone all the time, ignore the rules for themselves.

Victor Davis Hanson appropriately asks “When the Pushback Comes? ” People are recognizing the deep failure of the political class to deal with the problems facing the American people, and the economy in the face of the pandemic, and the political class is blowing it. Vaccines needed by the people are sitting in warehouses. The distribution system is not working. Our hospital gave all the vaccines they had to their donors. Well, yes, that’s how it goes. President Biden is picking a bad time to come out of his basement and try to undo everything done by President Trump. Some of those things were not only good things, but the right thing for the American people. The American people may get angry.

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