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Snowed In! by The Elephant's Child
February 13, 2021, 12:12 pm
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We got something around five to six inches of snow last night, and I live nearly on top of one of the higher hills here. Not going anywhere. It’s steep hills in every direction. A few years back, I was coming home from work early because it was snowing, and had put off leaving because I grew up in the mountains of Idaho and knew a thing or two about snow. Which was fine, except knowing about snow when you have a snow plow on the jeep, chains, and are totally prepared for snow is one thing, but knowing about snow in the mountains is significantly different than knowing about snow in the city, and well equipped is rather different than totally unprepared.

That day, I had picked the least hilly route home, but could not make it up the one hill remaining. Had pulled the car to the side and parked, when here came a school bus over the top of the hill sliding slightly with one clearly terrified little boy in the back. It was sliding straight for my car, and I couldn’t do a darn thing about it. But it curved around and smashed into a car on the other sided of the street. I think there’s a word for that kind of guilty pleasure, but it doesn’t come to mind. Anyway, rain in the forecast rather than more snow. And a happy Valentine’s Day to you all.

By tomorrow or next day, we will have videos online of the people of Seattle trying to cope with snow. Someone always takes them, and of course they always make us look like fools. Deservedly.

I went looking for a picture of city snow, I don’t know where this was taken, but it’s resemblance to the current situation here is off by several inches. It’s pretty out, trees covered, small branches covered, and a good 7 inches of snow on the stairs up the hill, and the back deck. Have heard no snowplows nor sanding trucks, but if needed, they do only the major thoroughfares anyway. We usually hear all the police cars going up and down the main street a few blocks away, but there has clearly been little or no traffic there.Theoretically it is supposed to start raining tomorrow. We’ll see.

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