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The Democrats had a bad weekend! by The Elephant's Child
February 14, 2021, 12:43 am
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Democrats are having a bad weekend. Trump didn’t get impeached again, It’s quite clear to anyone not involved in the capitol building invasion that he did nothing to cause or encourage that, but Democrats are quite sure that Trump caused the whole thing, ignoring the riots and protests that have gone on for months and months, many involving the radical Antifa.

Now, Economists have slammed Biden’s Stimulus as an “Economically unjustified” plan that “incentivizes unemployment.” On top of all the jobs he has cancelled with his 52 Executive Orders! One might think he is uninterested in full employment, an odd position for a president to take.

Then the oddly-named “Lincoln Project” pretty much fell apart when the leader turned out to be a pedophile. Pelosi was having a hissy-fit because Trump didn’t get impeached for a second time. Democrats are terrified that he will return again, I guess. Having read several summaries of his accomplishments in his four year term, they have a right to be scared. Historians will treat him very well indeed, perhaps as one of our greater presidents, and Ms. Pelosi will not be treated so kindly. I have never quite understood just why they loathed Donald Trump so much. He accomplished a great deal for the American People, created vastly improved employment numbers, and even donated his presidential salary to the country for particular needs. That alone must have really disturbed the Democrats.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office is projecting a “rapid resurgence in economic growth and a slower but steady return to pre-pandemic employment levels without needing further stimulus.” (We’ve already spent $4 trillion, and let me remind you again that the federal government has no money of its own, you get to pay for all of it). Free market economists agree that Biden’s ‘stimulus’ comes from politics, not sound economics.

Parents desperately want the schools re-opened, but the teachers’ unions like being paid for not working. Mr. Biden will, of course, support the teachers’ unions.

Stephen Moore of Freedom Works, who served as a top economic advisor for President Trump, argues that government spending can actually be a negative for the economy, because the money is not going to come from the economy. but from taxpayers’ pockets. Obama’s $830 billion “shovel ready” plan resulted in the slowest economic recovery since the Great Depression. Obama’s own numbers indicated that we ended up with fewer jobs than if we had done no stimulus at all.The economists really had harsh word for Biden’s proposed expansion of unemployment benefits way above normal levels.

Then there’s the small matter of a massive influx of illegal aliens to be scattered around the country to supplement the census numbers that determine Congressional representation. Lots of illegals particularly helps the well-to-do who can afford to hire someone to do the skut-work cheaply.

New York’s Governor Cuomo has finally been nationally exposed for putting coronavirus infected elderly in nursing homes and killing off large numbers of the residents. They were really trying to hide that. And in California, the petition to recall Governor Newsom has surpassed the needed million signatures and they are going for 2 million just in case. So it has not been a very good week for the Democrats. Things are just not going their way.

President Biden’s press secretary Jen Psaki, said that he is now working on banning guns. Just what he has in mind there is not clear, but gun-banners have not fared well anywhere. The bad guys who need a gun don’t need to go to a gun store, there is a huge trade in unregistered guns, and illegal guns are easy to acquire. Those who need a gun for self protection, probably do not intend to go out shooting other people for fun and profit.

Democrats made much of President Trump’s suggestion that there was some electoral fraud in the election, but computer experts are now warning that there is ample opportunity to program voting machines to produce the desired outcome, and that problem needs to be addressed. I’m sure there is always some fraud in elections, but there should be a huge effort to make it as little as possible, and that man who was born in 1824 should not have been allowed to vote. He was way too old.

There seems, in the wake of President Trump, a new concern for “wrongthink”. There has been some concern that members of the United States Military might suffer from “wrongthink”, and actually approve of President Trump.That is apparently considered a possible problem for members of the armed forces. Need to keep an eye on that particular aberration. Who members of the military choose to vote for is their own personal business. Democrats are going much too far.

There’s more, but you get the idea. Sometimes even the cooperative left wing press can’t cover up everything, and it just hasn’t been one of Democrats’ better weeks.

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About the “impeachment”: I think several Democrats were appalled by the utter stupidity of their position… if they were successful, Trump would be out of office, and if they failed… Trump would be out of office.

One would have thought the Democrats would have learned their lesson on impeachment when they failed last year, but, no… no hearings, no investigation, no waiting to get the details of a very chaotic day. Just pure emotion (Rep. Jamie Raskin was particularly embarrassing). Pelosi had her little meltdown afterwards not simply because she lost, but because her bullying campaign against Republican Senators in lieu of presenting actual evidence of “incitement” (a specific charge with a specific definition, a fact not lost on LAWMAKERS) didn’t work. Her tantrum was more about her failing to recognize that what little power she had is on the wane. She barely held on to the Speaker’s gavel this term, and her influence and ability to control the Democrats is falling apart.

Personally, I don’t think McConnell did himself any favors with his little speech, either. A lot of liberals are hanging their hope on his statement that Trump “could” face criminal penalties for his actions as President, but they’re whistling past the graveyard here; a criminal proceeding involves providing evidence of a crime. Even a civil proceeding requires evidence, discovery, a requirement to show cause and standing… I liberals are setting themselves up for more disappointment.

And I don’t thing media help the liberals that much with the hysterical hand-wringing ahead of the vote yesterday. Dana Milbank warned that if Trump were acquitted, the violence that followed would be on the Republican Senators hands. It wasn’t lost on a lot of people how that sounded a lot like a threat. Still more recognized it for what it was; a classic example of the “look at what you made me do” excuse used by abusers. On Twitter, a call went out for “everyone” to “go after” every Senator who voted against impeachment. “GO AFTER EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF THEIR LIVES” it goes, apparently unaware of the irony that that statement comes closer to “incitement” than anything Trump said or did.

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Comment by Lon Mead

I wonder if McConnell was trying to rile up the Democrat base–get them to pressure Dems to keep it up. *shrug* A possibility.


Comment by American Elephant

McConnell has a balancing act going on. He has to keep the Republicans in line (Murkowski and Romney his biggest worries there), but still be able to swing the odd Democrat (Manchin and Sinema the most friendly). I may not agree with his methods, but he comes out ahead more often than not.

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Comment by Lon Mead

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