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It’s Melting! by The Elephant's Child
February 16, 2021, 4:33 pm
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The trees are no longer clothed in white, the snow has fallen or dripped off, much of it onto the skylight in the kitchen, and there has been a fairly steady slight rain.We have not attempted to go out, so I can’t answer for the streets, but our promised grocery delivery order has never arrived, which would seem to be something of a clue.

The national news is depressing, but that’s not anything new. The National Guard remains in Washington D.C. apparently to protect nervous members of Congress from the rest of us. So-called “celebrities”, those residents of Hollywood who may or may not have been in a movie, but have enough name recognition that the news media will pay attention on a slow day, continue to rant. Does anyone care? They don’t seem very bright, just annoying. Certainly doesn’t incline me to rush out to see their movies. In the wake of Covid, nobody is going to movies anyway, which may be their problem.

Joe Biden has been in office nearly a whole month, 52 executive orders, thousands of jobs destroyed, and he hasn’t yet bothered to call Netanyahu in Israel. Trump got the Middle East countries talking to each other, establishing embassies, so what’s left for Biden to do? They’re already naming streets or parks after President Trump.

President Biden is currently more interested in undoing anything President Trump did at the border, removing walls and fences and border guards and letting lots of illegal aliens in, than in accomplishing anything himself. A significant flow of illegals is good for the rich, who support his campaign, who can get their lawns mowed and raked cheaply, but I’m not clear on just why this is supposed to be a good thing. The rich can afford to pay for those services, but along with the influx of illegals, what has previously turned up is more crime, and murders. The Democrats like to think of them as “refugees” but they are not. They want to come here, earn more money than they could at home and go back home, a little richer. Some want to stay. We have a legal system for that. You apply at an embassy, wait your turn, and if you want to become a citizen, there are classes and rules. We celebrate new citizens who have done it the way prescribed.

I think I mentioned that in the wake of our snow and icy streets, we had ordered groceries delivered. Need bread! They were supposed to have arrived around 2:00 in the afternoon. Evening, still no groceries. Called the store. Where are our groceries??? They checked, and they have been delivered. Obviously not on the front deck, checked the carport, the driveway, the street. No groceries. So who got our groceries and what are they doing with them?

What would you do if 10 or 12 sacks of groceries turned up on your doorstep? Think bounty from heaven? Start complaining because it’s not stuff you normally use? Three whole loaves of bread? Just keep it?

I just watched a video of a new program on the other side of the country in New York City, where Mayor DeBlasio, in order to give New Yorkers something else to talk about (instead of the newly exposed deaths of so many New York old folks because the Governor stuck Covid infected people into the city’s nursing homes) is going to fill the streets with “live performances.” The one demonstrating for him seemed to be a group from the Metropolitan Ballet who were out in a street in leotards taking ballet poses. I assume that the mayor is not paying them out of his pocket, so New York taxpayers…. oh please!

What would you do if the mayor of your town brought in a troupe of ballet dancers to gesture in the street? Doesn’t bear thinking about! Beginning to seem as if the whole country has slipped a clog.

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