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The Texas Disaster, The Kerry Disaster, and Upcoming Facebook Disaster. by The Elephant's Child
February 20, 2021, 9:53 pm
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We had a neighborhood power outage last fall, and it was uncomfortable, and we were ill-prepared. Reminds me that I need to get a camping lantern. Candles are romantic but not very useful. We don’t realize how much we depend on our power services until they are not operating.

John Kerry, President Biden’s Climate Guru (the Special Envoy for Climate) announced that we have just 9 years left before Climate Armageddon or something like that. Our records of the climate only begin in 1880. “Global Warming” began in 1850. How much has the earth warmed since 1880? About 1 degree centigrade. OMG, Run for the hills! President Biden has rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement (without Congressional approval) which will accomplish nothing at all. ‘The planet will not notice whether the UN Paris pact exists nor whether the U.S. is part of it. Even UN officials admit that the Paris pact did not save the planet as CO2 emissions continued to rise. Facebook has announced that they will be “fact checking” statements about the climate.

Texas has just had a weather disaster, more correctly, a wind turbine disaster. They got some snow and freezing weather, but the disaster was the power outage. Some people died trying to warm their houses with auto exhaust.

Americans should realize that oil and gas account for 70% of our energy supply. The reality is that blocking pipelines and development does not lower demand, it just makes getting access to energy more difficult and more costly. Oil has no material substitute. Electric cars are far more expensive and far less convenient. Climate activists blame cold and snow on — global warming.

Analysis: Social Cost of Carbon is a “Transparent and Obvious Fraud” – —Francis Menton in 2016: “The ‘Social Cost of Carbon’ can fairly be described as the mother of all government cost-benefit analyses…”In reality, it is a completely dishonest scam that wildly exaggerates costs and ignores benefits in order to justify vast seizures of power unto the government….“

Here’s a piece by journalist Andy May, who lives in Texas and writes about climate science and energy, so he gets lots of questions.

I just learned that wind turbine blades are not recyclable. They have to be buried in the landfill. Most of our rivers are dammed to produce electricity. When I was growing up, we had our own power plant, didn’t get Idaho Power until years after the War. Lots of areas in the West where you could drive for hours without seeing anywhere you could plug your electric car in.

Back in 2017, Energy Secretary Rick Perry proposed paying Coal and Nuclear Power Stations to keep at least 90 days worth of coal onsite, for disaster resilience. Widely criticized, but it might have saved Texas.

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