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Biden Got His Second Shot in Early January before He Was Inaugurated. by The Elephant's Child
February 22, 2021, 9:33 pm
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The American people heard that Facebook had decided to ban Australia, and ,unsurprisingly, decided that it was becoming obvious that Big-Tech was in need of some federal regulation. The Trump-haters, of course, celebrated when Twitter banned Trump, but banning the President of the United States was really going way too far, whether you liked what Trump had to say or hated it. President Trump thought it was a good thing to be able to talk more directly and informally to the American people than through press conferences and speeches. I’m not at all sure that Big Tech has learned any lesson, but they will be regulated, and they are not going to like it. Not everything is about one’s political preferences. Companies used to realize that antagonizing half of the population wasn’t a wise plan.

These are strange times, and it goes way beyond tearing down an occasional statue or carrying a torch. Baylor University students have demanded the removal of the statue of Judge Baylor, for whom the university was named, and here at the University of Washington, students want the statue of the Father of our Country removed. That is so silly, you almost have to laugh. College students are told on the one hand that they are the elite, attending a university, and going to lead the world. On the other hand, their teachers struggle to hammer in a few facts. And all the other stuff that goes along with it, falling in love, making new friends, trying new things, being away from home and free to do as you please, racking up debt. You can’t expect much in the way of intelligent action, so don’t put much weight in the “wisdom” of college students.

The School Board in San Francisco was going to change the names of a good many of their schools, eliminating those who weren’t properly “woke” like Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, but they were made fun of across the country. It was noted today that they are turning their attention to getting all the schools open and not bothering with name changing. I guess this is progress.

But it’s nasty out there. Do you read the comments on articles? There are major battles being waged even there. Is that healthy? Or not? As far as that goes, are Twitter and Facebook healthy and do they contribute to our country?

Joe Biden, trying desperately to eliminate anything done or said by Donald Trump, has tried to pretend that Trump did nothing about Covid-19 and only now is the Biden administration beginning to help. That’s not going to work. Joe Biden got his second virus shot in January, before he was inaugurated, the first one back in December. He doesn’t want Trump getting any credit for anything to do with the pandemic.

Earlier this week, he claimed that President Trump didn’t “order enough” COVID 19 vaccines, then he claimed that there was no vaccine distribution plan. No national strategy. But then again, he’s setting up all sorts of vaccination locations across the country, He just admits there just won’t be any vaccine there.He really, really doesn’t want the hated Trump to get any credit for anything about the pandemic.

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