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Elizabeth Warren, Fake Indian, Is Back! by The Elephant's Child
March 1, 2021, 4:40 pm
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Elizabeth Warren, the fake Indian, is back again, fuming over people who have more money than she does. I don’t get it. But that’s the root cause of socialism, I guess. Nobody should have more than you do. No Fair! There are people who are prettier than I am, or more graceful, more athletic, so what? I’m me, and a result of the choices I make and the talents I can nurture, and the things I believe are important. No fair! Make everybody equal. That’s the “promise” of socialism, except it doesn’t work out that way. Why is America so much richer and more successful than Europe? If you made everybody equal in terms of money, how long would that last as some save and some spend. This was one of Warren’s goals in her unsuccessful presidential campaign, and now, as a new member of the Senate Finance Committee, she has jurisdiction over tax issues and undoubtedly worked hard to get there.

We are not all equal, and you cannot make us all equal, and for that matter, why would you want to? Think how this might play out. If your wealth is being taken away, why would you try to create an Amazon or a Tesla? Not that they had any intent of becoming the wold’s richest people, just that they had an idea and wanted to see where they could go with it, and the rest of us are richer because they did. Their example has undoubtedly spawned hundreds of other businesses, some successful, some not. Where did you think all those new inventions came from? What makes the difference? Some luck, some skill, some ambition, and those are all good things. Think through where this would go. Some would move away. Renounce their citizenship. Having received permission to take the money of the richest away, think of all the “good causes” that could require more and more and more.

Warren is apparently especially offended that some billionaires have seen their wealth increase during the pandemic over the past year. She said:”A two-cent wealth tax would just help level the playing field a little bit, and create the kind of revenue that would let us build back better, as Joe Biden says.

“Build Back Better” are the key words for the “Great Reset” the big Davos idea for world government and the complete loss of freedom resulting. If you have not studied up on The Great Reset, do so. I have written about it before, as have many others. George Orwell died in 1950, but we are doomed to keep reading his works, I guess. I cannot emphasize enough how much utter contempt I have for Elizabeth Warren.

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