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Joe Biden’s Architecture Problem by The Elephant's Child
March 1, 2021, 10:39 am
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It’s becoming quite clear that President Biden’s goal is to eliminate anything Trump. He’s used up another of his Executive Orders to reject President Trump’s idea that Washington D.C. would be a more attractive city if the architecture conformed to the classical buildings of traditional Washington rather than erecting big sprawling plain modernist buildings, which a good portion of the people find rather unattractive. The traditional buildings are Federalist, Greek Revival, Italianate, or Romanesque Revival. Here’s an article explaining the intent of President Trump’s executive order. When you get into Art Deco and Mid-Century Modernism- you can see why President Trump encouraged classical style, rather than going off with the latest fashion. Trump was of course right, and having built Trump hotels all over the world, he was a little more conscious of architectural styles than most.

This compulsion of Biden’s to dispose of anything Trump is just weird. Sorry, President Biden, he is President Trump, and will go down in the history books as having done a remarkably good job for the American people. Suggesting that no one did anything about the Covid-19 pandemic until he, Joe Biden, arrived is just silly. President Biden is bragging about setting up Vaccination sites all across the country, but he’s not going to have any vaccine at any of them. Not enough supplies yet, though we haven’t heard any more about the supposed warehouse filled with millions of doses.

There is a problem with children arriving at the border pretending to be family, but apparently unrelated, and being transported to get the adults across the border, or the kids sold into sex slavery? The kids may have been in fenced rooms, but they were well cared for and taken to parks to run and play. and every effort was made to find the real parents or real relatives, who were thoroughly checked out.

The first cases of Covid arrived in the United States in a nursing home a couple of miles north of my house. Trump was excoriated for calling it the “Chinese virus,” (Racist, of course) although viruses are commonly called after the location of the outbreak. Trump’s Operation Warp Speed undoubtedly saved hundreds of lives. It was the fastest development of a successful vaccine ever and the the people in charge of combating the virus are not hesitant to give President Trump full credit. for “warp speed” for hospital ships, for tent hospitals. President Biden, who was claiming that no one did anything about the virus until he arrived on the scene to save the American people,got his first vaccine shot in December. Pity that President Biden cannot be decent. Cartoonists have had a wonderful time making fun of the “kids in cages” bit.

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