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Joe Biden and His Climate Crisis: by The Elephant's Child
March 6, 2021, 6:56 pm
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The Biden administration is reverting to Obama’s 2016 guidance until its new working group fully updates its work next year. Researchers, industries and environmentalists have begun to line up to advise the White House just how they think this number should be calculated. Biden’s chief climate advisor is Gina McCarthy, left over from the Obama administration and famous for killing two rivers. or at least the life in two rivers, one of them in Alaska, the other the mighty Colorado.

Greenpeace co-founder Dr. Patrick Moore:Clearly, the social cost of carbon is negative on its many fronts. Perhaps we should get paid for emitting it. It is responsible for up to 70% of increased food crop production (I guess they didn’t factor that in). It is greening the land and presumably the oceans. It is perhaps involved in slightly increasing global temperature above the frigid Pleistocene Epoch the Earth has been locked in for 2.6 million years, although there is no proof of this. It makes all plants more efficient in their use of water. It makes greenhouse production of food 30-60% higher than at ambient levels.”

Bloomberg Law: President Joe Biden has reactivated the Obama-era approach to estimating the cost of climate change, a move that will revamp environmental regulations by establishing a much higher dollar value for greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S.

A document published by the White House in the Federal Register on Friday re-installs the Obama administration’s interim values for the “social cost of carbon,” a figure that has been used to shape dozens of energy-related regulations. The Trump administration disbanded the interagency group responsible for the work and reduced the estimate to a small fraction of conventional values.

The social cost of greenhouse gases is an estimate of how much money the U.S. stands to benefit from avoiding each additional metric ton of emitted carbon dioxide, methane, or nitrous oxide, which are the three most important planet-warming gases. This measure is used in federal benefit-cost analyses to account for damage caused by fossil fuel, capturing impacts from pollution that aren’t reflected in the market prices for gas, oil, and coal. And of course, what the Biden administration used to eliminate the XL Pipeline and millions of jobs, unnecessarily.

Typically, an obscure economic measure of climate change, the social cost of carbon occasionally escapes academic journals to play a central role in federal climate policy. A federal court ruled in 2007 that the White House had to consider the costs of climate change in rulemaking, and President Obama convened an interagency working group to identify a measure grounded in data and the mechanics of strict federal guidelines.

The models underpinning the social cost of carbon have become something of a punching bag in economic circles, in part because of the particular sensitivity of their results to assumptions over how fast money loses value over time. Economists call this the discount rate.

What happened, I think, way back when we started looking at climate, and the first outrageous claims about climate catastrophe came out, was that the federal government, slightly alarmed, started offering grants and emoluments to university scientists interested in climate for authentic information. Well, grants meant new equipment, honors, prestige. There was a massive clicking on of the computers in the science departments. They put in what they knew for sure about the climate. They added their best information from their fellows in the specialty, and put in their best guesses, and hoped it all would result in major grants. It was the part they didn’t really know anything about and their best guesses that has caused all the trouble.

Christiana Figueres, the General Secretary of the IPCC, at a press conference back in 2015, admitted that the object of the whole climate change thing, was to rid the world of Capitalism. Information is not always straightforward, nor even truthful; and from it’s panicky origins, climate has always been a weapon, not a fact.

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