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It seems that who gets credit is what is really important. by The Elephant's Child
March 12, 2021, 8:42 pm
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Less than a week before the inauguration it was announced that the incoming Biden administration would rename Operation Warp Speed, the Trump administration initiative that resulted in two COVID vaccines authorized by the FDA before Trump left office, and a third vaccine a couple of months later. Trump’s initiative delivered an FDA-authorized vaccine five times faster than the fastest prior vaccine development in history.

President Biden did announce that he was establishing vaccine sites across the country. There just would not be any vaccine available there. We are certified as being properly eligible for the vaccine, certificates and everything, just cannot find anywhere where we can actually get the vaccine. It’s a strange world out there.

Andrew Cuomo, governor of New York State, is suddenly under fire. The fact that he saw that Covid-19 stricken elderly ladies were quickly put into nursing homes, where they infected the patients already there and hugely increased the death toll, resulted in massive silence from the press. But it seems that he has made improper advancements or even a bit of uncalled for touching to some of his former female aides, and outrage erupts. The congresspeople from New York State, his own compatriots, have even suggested that he should promptly resign. Apparently in today’s world, improper advances to female aides significantly outrank dead old ladies. There seem to be some odd hierarchies out there.

In conjunction with the rebranding of the initiative, a concerted effort by incoming Biden administration officials began to trash the vaccine distribution plan left by the Trump administration. Some, including Kamala Harris, have claimed that there hadn’t been a plan at all—a claim debunked by former Operation Warp Speed officials. Whenever Biden is speaking, did you notice that Kamala Harris is hovering in the background, all dressed in black? There is something remarkably odd about this transition.

Last night in his first primetime address since taking office, Biden again tried to take credit for the COVID-19 vaccine’s development and distribution. I have no idea why he is trying to do this. I guess they know that many people pay little attention to the news and will believe anything reported often enough.

What the people want is to be able to get the vaccine, both shots. (except, of course for those who are afraid of the shots.) and stop being locked down. Get back to normal life. I’m not sure anyone cares about who gets the credit, except. of course Joe Biden.

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