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Sometimes Our Belief Systems are Somewhat Confused. by The Elephant's Child
March 14, 2021, 10:20 pm
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Each of us carries around with us an outline in our heads of what is acceptable and what is not. Some of it comes from what we learned at home from our parents, and from our days at school, then from our workplaces and our friends. How to behave. What’s O.K. and what is not. Different for everybody, depending on our character and the character of those who taught us. Unless, of course, you are a politician. In that case, you have to add on a vast array of what is politically acceptable, which may be something quite different, because it adds on the attitudes of reporters from all over the political spectrum trying desperately to pull out of you something scandalous with which to place their byline on the front page.

Each of us also has a belief system, which may or may not be true. We may have authorities to back up what we think, but the authorities may or may not be correct. For example, many people believe that there is a “climate crisis”, notably including the autistic child from Sweden, who came to America particularly to scold the United Nations that they weren’t paying enough attention and they had to do something right now, or it was all over. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives (D) just announced that it was Climate Change that was causing the “humanitarian challenge” at our southern border. (Not Joe Biden at all) And besides, Joe Biden is busily dismantling everything President Trump did as well, just in case. It is not climate change that is the problem, but regime change.

Dr. Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace just wrote: “Clearly, the social cost of carbon is negative on its many fronts. Perhaps we should get paid for emitting it. It is responsible for up to 70% of increased food crop production (I guess they didn’t factor that in). It is greening the land and presumably the oceans. It is perhaps involved in slightly increasing global temperature above the frigid Pleistocene Epoch the Earth has been locked in for 2.6 million years, although there is no proof of this. It makes all plants more efficient in their use of water. It makes greenhouse production of food 30-60% higher than at ambient levels.” So there you go with belief systems, and outlines.

For the media, a PhD is very helpful, because you can trust anyone with a PhD, can’t you? The Tech industry has added on all sorts of “fact checkers” who may or may not know anything more than you do, and we have no verification of their particular wisdom in being assigned as “fact checkers.”Large numbers of them don’t seem to know what they are checking about, but are simply toeing the party line. The media, trying to be helpful is adding “reading time” to their pieces, so you will know just how long it will take you to add that morsel of knowledge to your belief system.

President Joe Biden also believes in Climate change, That’s why he eliminated some 11,000 jobs with the disposal of the XL Pipeline for no other reason whatsoever. The oil will be transported to the Gulf to be shipped, it will just have to travel by way of train, which is much riskier for accidents. He apparently believes that the flood of illegal aliens are escaping from something or other and he is helping them somehow, by eliminating the border controls put in by President Trump, but other than another attack on American jobs, it’s unclear just how he believes he is helping anybody. If you are allowing illegal aliens to flood across the border which is controlled by the drug cartels, you must believe that you are helping someone in some way, but the Border Patrol and ICE don’t really understand what he is doing, nor why. Nor do the rest of us.

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