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Wind Energy is a Nice Idea, Doesn’t Work. by The Elephant's Child
March 24, 2021, 5:37 pm
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Many of our visitors are interested in the old post about abandoned wind turbines. Wind turbines are a major problem. First of all, the turbines only turn when the wind is blowing, preferably about 35mph, if I remember correctly. You have surely been outside, how often have you experienced that? Doesn’t happen. even in the windiest places, which is where they attempt to place turbines. Which is largely why wind does not produce enough energy to fulfill the needs of a modern industrial society. Machines that run on electricity need steady dependable electricity, including your household. If a turbine breaks down, it costs about $35,000 to dismantle one.. The turbines are not recyclable, and must be buried in a landfill.

Everybody probably imagines the old Dutch windmills that provide us with a history and vision, but those windmills were not there to provide energy, but to grind grain. It’s lovely to think of the natural wind and the sun as providing all the energy we need, but it just isn’t so. CO2 is not a poison, but a natural fertilizer for plants, and crops are growing more bountiful all over the world, feeding hungry people. Add Climate Depot (climate ) to your regular list of essential websites and visit daily. Marc Morano, the proprietor, has a new book just out that you might consider, called Green Fraud. with a picture of AOC on the cover, and a foreword by Mark Steyn.

The Japanese are warning us, from their own experience. They had an edict to switch entirely to electricity for the nation’s vehicles, and discovered that to be completely impossible. They simply do not have enough electricity to power their nation’s vehicles. Can’t do it.

People get all excited about an idea without checking the facts and the science. You wouldn’t do that if it was your bank account, why let the government do it? It is still your bank account that they hope to charge for their dreamy ideas.

ADDENDUM: The image is not a random mountain and lake shot, but the country where I grew up. That is the Seven Devils Mountains, and the prominent peak is, I believe, the She Devil. There are really seven of them. Pretty country.

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