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President Joe Biden and the Climate: by The Elephant's Child
March 29, 2021, 10:21 pm
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I think that Joe Biden is shaping up to be one of the worst presidents in American history. He has clearly invited the population of Central America to come to the United States and he will make them all citizens eventually. He wants to be a president who rescues refugees, and he seems to regard anyone from another country as a refugee. Refugee from what is another question. There are no wars and no particular tyranny is Central America. They are just poorer, and would like to make more money and take advantage of Americas free public schooling and health care, and the opportunity for better jobs.

He obviously has no interest in full employment and is willing to eliminate jobs in the interest of climate change, and attack whole industries as well. And no, we cannot just dump petroleum and run our cars on electricity. Most of our power plants run on fossil fuels. The Japanese had an edict to switch entirely to electric run cars in the fairly near future, and discovered to their dismay that they did not have enough electricity to run the nation’s automobiles.

Biden clearly believes in an upcoming climate change disaster, without any effort to investigate the actual science. Climate activists are quite sure that CO2 is shortly going to destroy the world without any understanding whatsoever that Carbon dioxide is a natural fertilizer for plants and is greening the earth, and creating bountiful crops that are feeding the hungry all over the world.

Where we got so far off, I think, is when some scientists started worrying because the CO2 in the atmosphere increased slightly, and the government began giving out grants to climate scientists to explain what was happening. Well!. Government grants meant new lab equipment, perhaps even an assistant, prestige, and climate scientists ran for their computers. They put in what they knew about the climate for sure, and then they put in their best guesses about what was up, and some intelligent estimates for what they didn’t know, and filled in the gaps with some plain old guesswork, because there really was a whole lot about the climate that they didn’t know at all. And clearly the government needed information to work on. And of course some of the climate scientists got a little more ambitious than others, more prestige for a neglected branch of science was enticing.

It has been much warmer in the past, and much colder too. We know about ice ages and can see the evidence from the distant past, but we didn’t start keeping records of temperatures until well into the 1800s, The first thermometer was invented in 1714, by appropriately, Daniel Fahrenheit, Now temperatures are measured all over the world, as this map from Dr. Roy Spencer shows: Interesting to see where they care and where they do not.

Dr. Roy Spencer is at the University of Alabama at Huntsville, and runs the satellites that measure temperatures all over the world for NASA. Fascinating to see where there is serious attention and where there is not.

Do visit Dr. Spencer’s website for serious information on climate, and also Climate Depot and Watts Up With That, all listed in the sidebar. Each of them lists other websites from other serious scientists, so it’s not hard to find information, just hard to make the effort, I guess.

ADDENDUM: I should have explained this map, The yellow dots represent officially reporting temperature stations.

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