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I Suppose We Could Call it “Infrastructure” by The Elephant's Child
April 11, 2021, 9:18 pm
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Having created an immense border crisis, Joe Biden is apparently now considering paying the illegal aliens to go back home. I suppose we could call it “infrastructure”. Infrastructure seems to be the name of the big program where you stuff everything you want to do. Should work, because when you call it infrastructure, people think roads and bridges, and don’t concern themselves much with the actuality. We’ve been here before, but I don’t really remember lots of photos of newly repaired bridges and new highways.

I have, today, seen accusations that many of our roads are “racist”, but there was no explanation of that one. Just a uniform accusation to throw out when you can’t find the right evidence, I guess. A road goes through a black neighborhood? A road avoids a black neighborhood? Dunno.

At the Wall Street Journal, James Freeman asks: “How Many Jobs Will Be Lost to Biden ‘Infrastructure”? He says sometimes the president calls his next proposed spending blowout an “infrastructure bill” and sometimes he calls it a “jobs: program”. The Biden plan may end up destroying plenty of both. The Wharton School projects it dragging wages down by 0.7 percent in 2031 and 0,8 percent in 2050. Other analysts disagree. I think that’s where the term “throwing money at the problem” came from. Mr. Biden is racking up a pretty big bill for the taxpayers. Remember my oft-repeated nostrum: “The Federal Government has no money of it’s own.”

FDR, the ultimate hero for the Democrats, had a lot of “jobs programs” during the Great Depression — The WPA, the ECW, the CCC– which critics at the time called “the use of 100 men shoveling dirt to create a road rather than using a road grader”. Didn’t shorten or end the Depression, Pearl Harbor did that. Not generally a good idea to appear weak in your enemies’ eyes. And, oddly, not everything can be solved by throwing money at it.

Another headline from the Wall Street Journal: “Inflation Arrives, Is It ‘Transitory’?” Producer prices up 4.2% in the last year, with goods prices up 7%. Unfortunately, that’s where throwing money at the problem ends up. People are already noticing the increasing price of gas.

Cause and Effect and Celebrity by The Elephant's Child
April 11, 2021, 2:17 pm
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The climate crisis is upon us. President Biden is doing much of what he is doing because of the “climate crisis” — the XL pipeline, the thousand of lost jobs, the offshore wind farms, the efforts to shut down the oil industry, the rise in the price of gas for your car, the efforts to switch our cars and trucks to electricity instead of petroleum.

Wind and solar do not work. Been there, done that. Look up the evidence of Solyndra, (enter “Solyndra” in the space over Bob Hope’s head in the sidebar). Moving wind offshore might produce a little more wind than mountain passes, though I don’t know that to be true, but neither wind nor solar can produce enough energy to run a modern society, And think about major factories as well as your own power and light. The Japanese had an edict to move their automobiles entirely to electric power in the next five years. Investigating deeply, they discovered that they were completely unable to ever produce enough electricity to run the nation’s transportation system. They have been desperately trying to warn us, but the Biden administration is not paying attention.

Greta Thunberg, the autistic Swedish child who came to America to scold the United Nations, got her portrait painted on the side of a building in San Francisco, and became a world noted celebrity. New laws, new regulations, frightened people. And all in the wake of what, exactly?

According to the best scientific evidence, there is no climate crisis. The climate has warmed by about one degree Celsius in the last 100 years. Slight increases in CO2, carbon dioxide, which is a natural fertilizer for plants, are helping to grow bountiful crops which are feeding a hungry world. The Thunberg child was mistaken, but she has become a celebrity.

Reporters want their stories to get published, and to get attention. That’s why words uttered by a “celebrity” are apt to get more attention than words uttered by the U.S. Representative from the other side of the state. So, what exactly is a “celebrity”? A celebrity is someone whose name is known. That’s it, in its entirety. Cher strikes me as the perfect example. She’s quite political, and loves to speak out on political matters. Does she have any special qualifications to be listened to? Not that I know of. i vaguely remember “Sonny and Cher” but not who nor what they were, something in music of the time, I guess, which was not my thing. Whatever it was they did, they undoubtedly had fans. But the fact that her name us recognizable will get the reporter a spot on a page, because people are more apt to look at a story about someone whose name is familiar. That is specifically where celebrities come from and why reporters look for a “celebrity” to get their story printed, even if it’s a nothing story.

This has an unfortunate effect on the “celebrities”. They start believing that what they say is important, and that they need to speak out, which means we get more “celebrities” speaking out. George Clooney has been emailing advice to the lawyers for George Floyd’s family, on what tactics to use to convict Derick Chauvin. Does George Clooney have any special knowledge about anything whatsoever regarding the trial. No. But he is a “celebrity” and thus feels entitled.

Your state representative in Congress from the other side of the state may have something important to say, but since he didn’t live in your county and you didn’t vote for him, you may be unfamiliar with his name. That, specifically is the problem with “celebrity.” It works for reporters, so it will continue, but it’s why the news is so warped. The only remedy, apparently, is to completely ignore stories about celebrities, and hope that it gradually changes reporters’ behavior.

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