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They Are Trying to Trip Us Up With Language Again. by The Elephant's Child
April 17, 2021, 7:16 pm
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This is a very confusing time. The Democrats in Congress, being in the majority, want badly to cement their position of being in charge. They like being in charge, and want to make it permanent. To that end, they are willing to go to all sorts of extremes like packing the Supreme Court, making Washington D.C. a state (?) and wherever it is helpful, even changing the language.

We just had a bunch of corporate executives confused into playing politics. And learning that it isn’t really good business practice to seriously annoy half the population of the United States. One of the problems is that race has suddenly become a hot button, and everybody is terrified of being called “racist”. The State of Georgia, trying to clean up their voting regulations after some accusations of vote fraud, so there would be no misunderstanding, wrote regulations making sure that the hours the polls were open made it easy for workers to vote, and to be sure that those who voted were entitled to vote at that particular precinct, they required voters to show I.D. A bunch of major corporations in Georgia decided that asking black voters for ID was somehow racist, although fine to ask white voters for ID, and made fools of themselves publicly by an assumption that was racist, and caused all sorts of trouble, mostly for themselves because they so annoyed the public with their nonsense, that a lot of people decided they didn’t need Coca Cola, and they didn’t need to fly on Delta and they didn’t need to patronize Major League Baseball.

The National Polling operations have been polling and public opinion is becoming available, and there’s some major readjustment of ideas out there. The Biden Administration is learning that their massive border crisis is very unpopular indeed. That people are not pleased with the huge invasion of hordes of people from Central America, demanding jobs that Americans could do, and offering to do them for less. Learning to their astonishment that those crossing the border illegally were not being welcomed, the Left has tried subtly changing the language to make it more palatable. They are no longer “illegal aliens” but “refugees”, a designation sure to provide sympathy and warm feelings. America is always caring when it comes to “refugees.”

Well, not so fast. If they are “refugees” what is it that they need succor from? What is the danger and oppression that they are fleeing? Are there wars down there in Central America that are threatening their lives? Terrorism? Brutality? Are they afraid for their children?

Well, no and no and no. They are hoping to earn more money, enjoy our free public schools, our free health care, all of our helping organizations, and improve their lifestyles in a free country. They are not “refugees” from anything. Now, you may feel kindly towards people who just want to better their lives, and most of us feel that the United States of America is a good country. But we have laws about how you can come to this country and become a citizen and enjoy all the blessing America offers. Congress has decided that we can accept a million new people every year. You don’t get around that by pretending that they are desperate people desperately needing help. Nor, for that matter by marching around with signs that announce that No Human is Illegal. It’s playing with language to try to make that which is against the law more palatable. If you don’t like the law, change it legally. And convince the rest of the population that it needs to be done. Because?

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