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Georgia On My Mind… by The Elephant's Child
April 22, 2021, 4:49 pm
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The State of Georgia, in the wake of wide accusations across the country of vote fraud, decided to rewrite their voting regulations to eliminate such accusations. They had had some accusations directed at them and wanted to make clear what their regulations were, and make some corrections for public convenience about the hours the polls would be open. Perfectly harmless.

Apparently, if Georgia, once a Confederate State in the Civil War, approaching 200 years ago, does anything about their voter regulations, it obviously has to be deeply prejudiced and racist, because Georgia was once a Confederate State. An assortment of major corporations, several of them headquartered in Georgia, and Major League Baseball promptly Condemned Georgia’s actions! Apparently the corporations had to respond so quickly to avoid any contamination by racial prejudice that they couldn’t be responsible enough to find out what they were talking about. Simple stuff, like reading the new regulations to find out just how racially prejudiced they were.

Georgia expanded the hours the polls were open for the convenience of working people. They clarified the rules for where you were supposed to vote so you got to the right precinct, and that was about it. Nothing whatsoever about racial prejudice in any way. NOBODY made the slightest effort to actually read the short regulations so they could know what they were objecting to. We all have prejudices, many unreasonable. I am personally offended by facial hair. I hate beards and mustaches, and deplore the current fashion. I do recognize that the wearers may hate shaving, or even find facial hair attractive. But that’s the way it goes. We have had many eras of facial hair, and eventually they turn to clean-shaving again.

I am deeply offended by people who go off track and make big public deals of something because they cannot be bothered to do a tiny bit of reading.There will be no Coke in my house, even though some are claiming it’s a pretty good toilet-bowl cleaner. I have no interest in Major League Baseball anyway, and I don’t expect to fly Delta. They won’t miss me. If a lot of people react to stupidity like that, maybe some large corporations will realize that taking sides on political questions means that you are annoying about half the country’s population, and it might be a better idea to keep your mouths shut. America is a free country, and we get to voice our opinions about everything. But if your opinion is way out of line, you can expect some pushback.

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