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“President Mean Tweets?” by The Elephant's Child
April 25, 2021, 4:38 pm
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Some wag has recently called President Trump “President Mean Tweets”, and it seems to have caught on a bit. Not fair, but funny. Yes, he did. But did you notice that his “mean tweets” were usually in response to a vicious attack, and if attacked, President Trump was not inclined to just let it ride. And he was viciously attacked consistently and steadily, from his first day in office till the present.

When the Covid Crisis first appeared in America in a nursing home a few miles north of my house, a number of people in the nursing home died after someone coming from Wuhan, China infected them with a disease that turned out to be a pandemic. As soon as it became clear that someone from China had brought an infection, Trump banned all flights from China to immediate vast accusations of racial prejudice and unnecessarily creating fear, but he was right, and it saved a lot of lives.

As soon as it began to become clear that it was an infectious disease, and other people were getting sick, President Trump got automobile factories producing ventilators, which turned out to not be needed, and invented and ordered what came to be called “Operation Warp Speed” to get the big pharmaceutical companies working on developing vaccines, and getting the stuff that got in the way of their work out of their way. He sent hospital ships to the major ports, made arrangements for temporary tent hospitals, kept the cruise ships in port, and worked hard at finding the right advisors for all of the tasks so rapidly appearing.

A plan for vaccinating the American people had to be developed and implemented. The States had to be informed about what we knew, and plans developed for how to proceed in each state, and who would be in charge of what. When you think back on it all, it was a huge and vastly important undertaking. There were, of course drawbacks and confusion, some things didn’t work. Trump got Covid himself. How much should they lock down, what about requiring masks, closing restaurants, hotels, shops. It didn’t all go smoothly, of course.

The rest of the world was also reacting and trying to cope. Everybody made mistakes, but we learned quickly what worked and what didn’t. Lots went wrong, and had to be fixed. Nations and States learned from each other. Travel shut down for the most part. There will be lots of books yet to be written that will elaborate on what happened and how we coped.

We will compare the states and how they fared and how they reacted, and the federal agencies will be examined to see how they responded. We have had a few pandemics before, and undoubtedly there will be others in the future, even if of diseases as yet unknown and undreamed of. Will they be bringing back infections from other planets? We can’t know the future, but only prepare for it by trying to learn the correct lessons of today.

President Biden desperately wants the credit for ending the Covid 19 epidemic and has tried to blame the whole thing on Donald Trump, and has tried to stamp out any Trump accomplishments and when he can, claim them for himself. I think Democrats believe that if they can just get people outraged enough over the “invasion” of the Capitol, claiming that Trump urged it or started it or something like that, then they can keep Trump from coming back, or challenging them again. Donald Trump did not cause the Capitol invasion, he invited some of his supporters to come to Washington DC and march down Pennsylvania Ave. with him. No connection to what actually happened at all. But they will keep trying to blame it all on Trump. President Mean Tweets, indeed.

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