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President Biden Spoke to Congress. by The Elephant's Child
April 29, 2021, 12:25 am
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I watched all of President Biden’s speech to Congress. He told them how he was going to create jobs for everybody, ignoring, of course all the jobs he had destroyed by banning the XL Pipeline in the illusion that would somehow save the planet from the ravages of Global Warming by banning fossil fuels. Unfortunately the Canadian oil will now just be transported by train from Canada to American refineries and on to the gulf, which is more subject to accident and oil spill.

President Biden is going to create jobs for everyone, with a wave of the presidential pen. But it becomes clear that he is not very intimate with just how that works. Very clear on spending lots of tax money, and will need lots more of it, but not all that familiar with the basic economic works that would bring all those jobs he’s counting on, other than just signing some papers at his desk in the Oval Office. Just what creates jobs or does not in an economy seemed a little beyond him.That was just my impression. Jobs will be created though, as he reassured us, and things will be much better as soon he has undone everything that the former president did. I just didn’t get the impression that he understood the economics of what Trump did, nor why it was or was not the correct thing to do.

He took credit for the jobs that have come back as the lockdowns from Covid ceased, which makes it an easy way to create jobs, and creating jobs was pretty much the only subject of interest. He again assigned Kamala Harris to take charge of something or other, which she may or may not do. The American public has pretty much lost any faith in the possibility of Harris being in charge of much of anything.

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