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Migration, Budgets, Inflation, and Debt! by The Elephant's Child
May 31, 2021, 7:48 pm
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The Democrats relationship to the taxpayer’s money is always interesting. They may carefully guard their own wallets, but taxpayers in general get no such distinction. Too many illegals crossing the southern border? Lets just buy them off. Much easier than completing border walls or just refusing to invite them in. Now the Biden administration plans to direct $861 million to the central American Countries so their people won’t invade the border. Simple. So if $861 million is enough to keep them home for a while, how soon will they be back for another $861 million or more?

Seems like there is some very sloppy thinking going on here. That’s federal aid to El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico to “address the root causes of irregular migration.” The root causes are that the Central American countries are poor, and American farm jobs and scut work for Big Tech pay way better than what they can find at home. So the answer to their problem is to pay them to stay away? President Trump’s border wall would have been much more effective. And what’s this “irregular migration?” Seems like a pretty steady flow of illegals, and the border states are suffering. The Border Patrol is trying to cope.

The other very major root cause seems to be President Joe Biden. He may be vaguely coming to recognize that his open borders and amnesty for all policies are not really all that popular with the American people. There have been small clues: he likes to think of them as “refugees” and thus of himself as their savior. He thinks of them as potential Democrat voters who will give Democrats complete control of the government.

I think that Congress decided a while back that the limit would be one million new immigrants a year. We have been exceeding that for years. I have nothing against immigrants. I just want them to come in the legal and proper way. Go to a consulate or embassy, apply to come to America, and wait your turn. Gets you right in when it is your turn, and you can apply for citizenship and become a citizen and we welcome you. We even have parties for new citizens.

Biden’s Budget Request is the Highest in History! by The Elephant's Child
May 28, 2021, 3:08 pm
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President Biden’s budget request will reach the highest level in history this year, surpassing the previous record from World War II, reports National Review where they have a rather startling diagram illustrating his budget request. I know a fair amount about World War II, and it accomplished remarkable things like defeating the Nazis, and the Japanese efforts to take over the world. Certainly seemed worthwhile at the time and in retrospect.

Joe Biden’s budget sees $69.2 trillion worth of spending over the next decade, which is $8 trillion more that the $61.2 trillion in spending the CBO was projecting in February, a few weeks after he took office. It takes a lot of spending, I guess, to undo everything that President Trump accomplished. And President Trump did have some very major accomplishments. Though Mr. Biden does not seem to understand that.

The border states are having to spend a lot to try to catch and deport all the illegal aliens that Biden has invited in, now that he has tried to eliminate the border wall. But that is state budgets, not federal. Of course costs are up dramatically for the Border Patrol, and ICE, and for all the drug overdoses and deaths caused by the Mexican drug cartels. A good many of the illegal immigrants are not just poor people looking for work and a better life, but hardened criminals looking to make big money.

Big Tech likes having cheap labor to do their scut work, so they’re not going to object to the illegals. And Congress was, I suppose, just misguided when they limited immigration to the U.S. to just one million a year. Though why anyone would think that inviting the population of Central America to come on in for free, is a good idea is beyond me. I’m afraid I don’t regard the current occupant of the Oval Office as competent, and there are already signs of inflation kicking in, and I’m afraid it’s going to be bad. Very bad.

There is no Climate Crisis by The Elephant's Child
May 25, 2021, 9:17 pm
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A goodly number of visitors to this website come to read an old post (July 7, 2013) titled “14,000 Abandoned Wind Turbines Litter the United States”…The turbines pictured were in Hawaii, and you really should note the date on posts you are reading, even mine!

The idea, of course, is that CLIMATE CHANGE is an approaching disaster (it is not) and that we must DO SOMETHING RIGHT NOW to save us all. Not true. The Swedish child was dramatic, came to scold the United Nations, which she did, but was totally misinformed about climate. There is no climate crisis. In the last 100 years, the climate has warmed by barely one degree, and the earth is always warming and cooling a little, controlled by the action of our sun. We have had ice ages, and warm years, hot summers and cool summers. Do not take my word for it, but refer to the climate scientists who monitor the temperatures of the world for NASA with satellites and weather balloons, who report to Congress regularly. Refer to Christiana Figueres, who was General Secretary of the IPCC and told a press conference back in 2013 that Climate Change was our best weapon for getting rid of dreaded Capitalism. There are lots of websites run by climate scientists, and those listed in the sidebar also list other scientific sites. Even President Obama’s own climate scientist is currently trying to explain that there is no crisis.

Interest in climate, inspired by a Davos meeting, meant a lot of sleepy labs in major universities awakened and found that the new interest meant government grants, new equipment, maybe even an assistant, so they suddenly got very interested in climate, and fired up their computers. They entered what they knew about climate, which wasn’t really all that much, and what they thought was probably true, and some educated guesses and some probabilities, and discovered that made them experts on the new crisis.

If I am dubious, it is because I grew up in the mountains of Idaho at about 4000′, mostly outdoors, on 400 acres surrounded by National Forest and BLM land. That provides one with a fairly common sense relationship to the great out-of-doors. Heard cougars scream, bears came for the crab apples when they ripened, and had to shoot a lynx that was trying to kill my dog as well as a porcupine that was trying to get in my bedroom window, right next to the bed.

Wind turbines seemed like a dandy idea, we all grew up with the romantic notion of Holland and their canals, with windmills peacefully turning in the wind, never having been there. Their windmills were for the purpose of grinding grain, not producing a society’s energy, and it turns out that they are not that effective in producing energy anyway. The wind does not obligingly blow at a steady 35 mph, but blows occasionally mostly in pleasant modest breezes. When’s the last time you went outdoors to find the wind blowing heartily with things flying around? We’ve tried locating wind turbines in our windiest places without much success. It costs something over $35,000 to take down a single turbine, and nothing can be recycled, but everything has to go to a landfill. The idea, of course, is that there is something dreadful about fossil fuels, and we have to find a more benevolent substitute. There isn’t, and we don’t.

Don’t Be Confused by the Term “Infrastructure” by The Elephant's Child
May 25, 2021, 8:56 pm
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Let me quote Victor Davis Hanson here, because he has stated reality so clearly.

“The supply of money governs inflation. Print it without either greater productivity or more goods and services, and the currency cheapens. Yet America apparently rejects that primordial truism.

The United States has borrowed about $29 trillion in debt—about 130 percent of its annual gross domestic product. The government will run up a $2.3 trillion annual budget deficit in 2021—after a $3.1 trillion deficit the year before.

The Biden Administration still wants to borrow more—another $2 trillion in new social programs and “infrastructure.”

We have already noticed it in the price of lumber. I’m not quite sure just why lumber has suddenly skyrocketed, but it is going to affect everything in the building trades from the cost of new houses to remodeling old ones, and all construction in general, not to mention the cost of Joe Biden’s “Infrastructure”. In March 2020 a sheet of plywood cost $37.98 . In February 2021, it was $72.49. If your roof area is 1,600 square feet, you would need about 50 sheets to cover the roof, and add another ten percent for waste. So 60 sheets of plywood — Ouch! I’ll let you do the painful math. That’s why inflation is a very big deal.

You mostly don’t notice inflation much right off, until you suddenly notice that your trip to the grocery store is costing significantly more than you are accustomed to. Salaries don’t get inflated along with costs, doesn’t work that way. It just directly hurts your own family budget.

Presidents, at least this one, don’t think in those terms. They think in terms of “infrastructure,” spruced up bridges and airports, freeway landscaping, that sort of thing. Construction jobs, landscaping jobs. How manly articles have you seen about “infrastructure”, compared to how many about family budgets? ‘

It isn’t “infrastructure”, a word that is supposed to make you think “improvement” or “growth” or positive thoughts, but “inflation”, another word starting with “inf” that should worry you, and it’s coming.

The Difficulty of Learning How to Behave by The Elephant's Child
May 24, 2021, 7:56 pm
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See the source image

The most disturbing headline I saw today was: “Facebook Rejects Back the Blue Ad, Says It’s a “Sensitive Social Issue.” I don’t think much of Facebook, but this descends to new depths. Supporting the police is a sensitive issue? And when you happen to get beaten up on a sidewalk late at night, you don’t want anyone to respond, no help?

First responders, EMTs, police, firefighters, people who put their lives on the line to help out people who get in trouble, and Facebook won’t accept an ad for a free event honoring first responders? Unbelievable. I am not impressed with Facebook ownership and management, as they are committed to running off at the mouth, but this one surprised me. These first responders put their lives on the line to help people in trouble, save lives while endangering their own.

I have been interested in the new Big Tech oligarchs. They came up with ideas that worked, became very rich because of it, and never learned how to behave in an ordinary commercial world. Most long-time businesses learned early to avoid participating in politics. Why deeply annoy half the population? Smart businesses remain devoutly neutral, failing to participate in politics at all.

Just ordinary common sense should suggest that perhaps not all their employees agree with management’s political preferences. One would assume that they would try to avoid antagonizing any of their potential customers. How they choose to vote is of course their own business. But what if you publicly support someone who turns out to be a real dud?

New at being in the limelight, it’s wiser to remain silent and learn how experienced American corporations behave during political battles when everyone gets their sensitivity somewhat heightened.

Amnesty for Illegal Aliens is Not as Popular as Biden Believes by The Elephant's Child
May 23, 2021, 7:51 pm
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A few years ago, the Japanese government handed down an edict, that because of the dangers of “climate change” Japan would need to stop running the nation’s vehicles on gasoline (fossil fuels) and switch to running their vehicles on electricity. They shortly discovered that the island nation could not produce enough electricity to power the nation’s vehicles.

They attempted to warn the United States, but we were not particularly interested, but that was before the Biden administration, who were true believers in climate change catastrophe. President Joe Biden believes. That is the reason for dumping the XL pipeline, President Biden is considering moving the nation to electric powered vehicles. He’s even considering running “the Beast”, the presidential vehicle, on electricity. An advisory panel to the president is trying to combine amnesty for illegal immigrants with what they are calling “environmental justice”– the federal effort to confront climate change. Some have tried to suggest that the illegal immigrants trying to cross the Southern border are climate “refugees”.

His White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council (savor that one) has released a report with about 90 pages of recommendations which adopt the language of the “Green New Deal” and opposes nuclear energy. So, while they are disposing of petroleum, fossil fuels in general, nuclear energy, and don’t forget that they don’t like nasty dams in pretty rivers either, and certainly don’t want you cutting any timber, so there you are.

Biden had a January executive order which called for 40% of environmental spending to benefit “disadvantaged communities.” The second immigration recommendation suggests that the administration should work aggressively with Congress to secure a path to legalization for undocumented immigrants, as well as other improvements to prevent the undocumented from environmental justice investments since they are predominately Black, indigenous, and people of color. Biden has already backed an immigration bill to grant legal status to up to 20 million illegal immigrants.

Joe Biden’s budget proposal for 2022 includes $1.4 billion for “environmental justice” initiatives. I reject the combination of the word “environmental” and “justice.” Sheer nonsense. There is no climate crisis. And President Biden does not have the public support for the amnesty for illegal aliens that he thinks he does. I suspect that he doesn’t have the support for “environmental justice” either.

How to debunk the Climate-Scaremongers! by The Elephant's Child
May 16, 2021, 6:26 pm
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Much of the mischief going on in our government, the inflation, bad regulations, unemployment, high taxes, is based on a faulty belief that “climate change” is an upcoming disaster for our Earth. I’m sure you remember the autistic child from Sweden who came to the United States on a sailboat to lecture the United Nations on the matter. All sorts of publicity and she even got her picture painted on some building in San Francisco, and did actually scold the U.N. Lots of publicity.

The alarm seems to have originated in Davos. Christiana Figueres, who was at the time the General Secretary of the IPCC, held a press conference, I think it was in 2013, and explained to the assembled reporters that addressing climate change was the world’s best chance of saving the world from the ravages of Capitalism. The reputable scientists keep explaining that the climate of the Earth is controlled by the Sun, and there is no problem, but a remarkable number of people seem to be true believers, probably never have read anything about climate at all. They just heard it was a big problem and we have to DO SOMETHING right now.

President Joe Biden is a true believer. He eliminated the XL Pipeline that was building to take Canadian oil to the Gulf of Mexico after it was refined in American Refineries to customers all over the world. In eliminating the pipeline with a stroke of his pen, Biden also eliminated several thousand high paying jobs, and accomplished nothing at all. Now he wants to build offshore wind farms on each of our coasts.

When the U.S. first started paying attention to the claims of disastrous climate change, grants went out from the federal government to university science labs all over the country, which was a very big deal indeed. Meant new equipment, grants, assistants. prestige for quiet departments slumbering along. They quickly fired up their computers, entered everything they knew about climate, which wasn’t really very much, and some intelligent guesses, and some possible, and started cranking out “information”. CO2, carbon dioxide, became the bogeyman, and the results were wind farms, solar arrays, huge costs, Did you know that it costs something like $35,000 just to take down a wind turbine, and nothing cam be recycled, so it all has to go in the landfill. Wind turbines and solar arrays cannot produce the energy needed by a modern industrial society. If you are interested, enter “Solyndra” in the space over Bob Hope’s head in the sidebar, to see what one disastrous effort entailed.

CO2, carbon dioxide, which is supposed to be the big bogeyman, is a natural fertilizer for plants. Helps to feed the hungry and make crops all over the world more bountiful. This is where my previous piece on the obligation to read comes in. Patrick Moore, who was one of the founders of Greenpeace, says: “The whole climate crisis is not only Fake News, it’s Fake Science. There is no climate crisis, there’s weather and climate all around the world, and in fact carbon dioxide is the main building block of all life. He has a dandy book out titled Fake Invisible Catastrophes and Threats of Doom”that you will not only enjoy, but will give you the needed armor against the misguided panic afflicted. Did you know that there were once giant camels roaming Canada’s arctic islands?

ADDENDUM: Ideally, everyone would buy an extra copy to send to the president or to their congressmen, but I suspect you are not feeling that generous. You might, however, let your congressmen know of the existence of this little book, and suggest that reading it would benefit their potential reelection.

Liz Cheney is Removed From GOP Leadership by The Elephant's Child
May 12, 2021, 10:40 pm
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A very odd news day. A Cyber attack was directed at the Colonial pipeline, an important East Coast pipeline, which led to gasoline shortages up and down the southern coastal states. Gas prices soared, but many stations just ran out. President Joe Biden proposed more spending on education, when asked how to end the gasoline shortage.

I think that this shows that I think we have to make a greater investment in education as it relates to being able to train and graduate more people proficient in cybersecurity, Biden said when asked how to alleviate the crisis.

I think that one of the most important things we have to do to reclaim our place as the leading innovator in the world is to have a better educated workforce. By Tuesday, Biden officials said there was not a shortage but a “crunch.”

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp remarked that the President could reauthorize the XL Pipeline, and remove the whole problem.

Most of the day was devoted to the drama of Liz Cheney, and would she be removed from her conference chair responsibilities. Liz Cheney, the Democrats and the Never Trumpers all claim that the Big Lie is the contention that the 2020 election was not a fair election. They follow that up with the idea that Donald Trump tried to promote the violent overthrow of the government on January 6 at the Capitol.

This mostly shows that Cheney has not done her homework and studied up carefully on what actually happened. President Trump invited his supporters to come to Washington DC and march down Pennsylvania Avenue. He did not invite nor suggest that they invade the capitol. A lot of Democrats have tried to claim that he did, but the facts do not bear that out.

Conrad Black, long time Canadian-British newspaper publisher and writer wrote a piece for American Greatness that you may find interesting.

There was, of course, a lot of fraud in the 2020 election, there probably always is. There is plenty of evidence of some. Enough to change the results? Probably not. I’m still chafing about the gentleman who voted and had his vote counted, who was born in 1824. That one just strikes me as a little too much. People vote for their dead relatives, if they think they can get away with it. People vote at their own residence and their summer residence as well. I think our ability to keep the vote honest is improving slowly, but the need to WIN is powerful, and being in charge offers all sorts of benefits to the winning party.

So Liz Cheney is out of Republican leadership, and how she will do in the coming election in Wyoming is a question. I want representatives who work hard at being well informed and highly responsible to their supporters back home. Glad she’s out.

In the meantime, consumer prices have jumped 4.2 percent. I don’t think you can fix that with more education.

You Have an Obligation to Read by The Elephant's Child
May 10, 2021, 3:19 pm
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In the United States of America, we offer free public school for all children for grades one through twelve. Of course it’s not really “free”, we pay for it with our taxes to the federal government, the state government, the city or local government. We have direction from the federal government, the state government and the local government, and elect a school board for close local control.

You have probably noticed even if you do not have a school age child, that Covid has played hob with the schools. School has essentially been moved online, the schools are closed, teachers still get paid for “teaching” online classes though it’s uncertain who is learning what, if anything. Schools remain closed. The assumption that everyone has a computer and access, is clearly wrong, since when there is a riot and looting, computers seem to be the object most looted. Do we know what proportion of households have no computer access?

That aside, the assumption is that having taught young Americans to read and write, and supposedly to think, they will do so. After 12 years of being taught how to read, you have an obligation to read and be informed. I’m not convinced that is happening. I am a reader, always have been, and never without a book at hand. My dad liked Westerns, which he called “Blood and Thunders” and when I ran out, I’d read his. I grew up very rural, and there was no library, but the State had a “traveling library” in the basement of the Capitol building, and I’d borrow a stack and mail them back. I notice that many websites include with their news stories a note on just how much time it takes to read a particular piece, which suggests that they aren’t getting read. How much time to you spend online and how much do you read to feel informed?

You have probably noticed that most every online website now wants you to subscribe. They had been counting on Google advertising to pay them for their website efforts, but Google advertising is not working as well as was expected. There are only so many people who want a tee shirt with a cute saying, or a printed kitty climbing out of a printed hole in the tee. Products to be sold successfully online and online method of advertising have not come to a friendly relationship. I have never responded to an online ad, though I was once tempted by a company that makes and sells toy soldiers, but decided I already have too many tsochkes. I’m a sucker for anything elephant or pig. Home office is all elephant and kitchen is pig.

What percentage of American homes have a computer? When there are riots and looting, computers seem to be the most looted objects. Are they getting their first computer or simply upgrading? There are some people who really do not like to read, are they simply ill-informed, or do they rely on radio? You see pictures of people at sidewalk tables or in parks, reading a newspaper obviously just purchased at a stand. I no longer subscribe to a newspaper, though I receive free ones in the mailbox, weekly? monthly? Not sure. I’d love to hear what you think.

A Happy Mothers Day to All! by The Elephant's Child
May 9, 2021, 12:26 am
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Biden Policies Are Causing Problems by The Elephant's Child
May 6, 2021, 12:14 pm
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President Biden has just banned the annual POW/MIA memorial motorcycle ride in Washington D.C.The American group AMVETS has staged the event every year to remember and honor all prisoners of war and all missing in action veterans, by denying them the usual use of the Pentagon parking lot for their vehicles. Odd. He went to great lengths to adopt a couple of shelter dogs because he thought the appearance of presidential pets was important, like FDR and “his little dog Fala”. The dogs embarrassed him by biting White Hose personnel and pooping in the sacred halls, and had to be banished to Delaware.

President Biden’s Open Border is fueling the “deadliest Drug Epidemic in U.S. History. A dozen Texas counties have declared emergencies due to the increase in human trafficking. Now the opioid fentanyl, highly addictive and lethal, is flowing across the border. More than 90,000 Americans overdosed on illicit drugs last year. Biden’s policies have led to less cooperation between American and Mexican drug interdiction agencies.

Americans usually notice pretty quickly if an administration raises the income tax rates, but administration caused inflation might as well be an official tax, and people are not as apt to notice although it affects the pocketbook just as much. In February, a 3/4″ standard sheet of plywood cost $72.49. In March it was up to $83.49 and in April it is $95.98 a sheet. That’s a 252% price increase in one of the most used pieces of common lumber for construction. Officially known as “inflation.” Widely used and quickly flows through society affecting other prices. We call it “inflation” but it should more accurately be called a tax.

Mark Zuckerberg continues to assume that his social media platform is more important than the office of the President of the United States. His “oversight board” continues to lie about the January 6 “riot” and continues to ban former President Donald Trump. Clearly, it’s time to do a bit of regulating of Big Tech. Their egos have gotten out of control. They may be very rich, but they are not as important as they think they are, and Mark Zuckerberg does not outrank the President of the United States.

P.S. Take a moment and write your congressmen and senators. It’s simply and And hearing from constituents is how we effect change.

When in Doubt, Blame Trump! by The Elephant's Child
May 5, 2021, 12:22 pm
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Jen Psaki, President Biden’s press secretary, ventured into fantasy land yesterday at a press conference. She said that the influx of immigrants at the southern border was “something that began during and was something that was exacerbated by the Trump administration.” (That’s apparently why so many illegal immigrants when asked why they are choosing now to try to get in, say that Joe Biden invited them to come. And obviously the border wall that President Trump had been building along the southern border was meant as a special welcome?

She added “After four years of an immigration system rooted in destructive and chaotic policies, President Biden is taking the challenge head on and is building a fair, orderly and humane immigration system. That’s our objective. After coming into office, our administration immediately jumped into action to address the influx of migrants at the border—something that began during and was exacerbated by the Trump administration.” How embarrassing! There are some whoppers that even a dedicated press secretary should find embarrassing to utter.

The Border Wall that Trump was successfully building (and Biden is trying to tear down) is imaginary, those tee shirts that everyone kept wondering about that said something about “Biden let me in” were a figment of the imagination, and somehow Trump is responsible for the migrants that he tried so hard to keep out? The influx has been massive and devastating to the border states and towns. The Border Patrol is overworked and deeply frustrated with the lack of help and support from the current administration. And the increased flow of drugs is devastating.

Clearly, Democrats started hating Trump even before he was elected. They hated him throughout his presidency, gave him credit for nothing, while having their lives saved by “Operation Warp Speed”which set records in the speed of development of successful vaccines.They blamed him for an invasion of the capitol building which he did not cause, and impeached him for that invasion, which he had noting whatsoever to do with.

The Covid crisis began a few miles north of my house in a nursing home in Kirkland, Washington, when someone returning from Wuhan, China came to visit relatives in the nursing home, and infected many patients and staff. President Trump recognized promptly what was happening and slapped a ban on any flights from China. As soon as it was identified as a virus, he initiated “Operation Warp-Speed” to develop a vaccine. The most successful effort ever.

When it became clear that we were having a problem with illegal immigrants, and drugs coming in over the Southern Border, he started building a wall to control the influx. It is Joe Biden who halted the wall being built, it is Joe Biden who is responsible for the sharp rise in drugs coming in over the border. The illegal immigrants succeeding in getting across the border believe that Joe Biden invited them to come. But apparently Jen Psaki didn’t get the message. If, however, you are a Democrat, instructions are apparently to blame anything the public doesn’t like on Donald Trump.

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