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Biden Policies Are Causing Problems by The Elephant's Child
May 6, 2021, 12:14 pm
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President Biden has just banned the annual POW/MIA memorial motorcycle ride in Washington D.C.The American group AMVETS has staged the event every year to remember and honor all prisoners of war and all missing in action veterans, by denying them the usual use of the Pentagon parking lot for their vehicles. Odd. He went to great lengths to adopt a couple of shelter dogs because he thought the appearance of presidential pets was important, like FDR and “his little dog Fala”. The dogs embarrassed him by biting White Hose personnel and pooping in the sacred halls, and had to be banished to Delaware.

President Biden’s Open Border is fueling the “deadliest Drug Epidemic in U.S. History. A dozen Texas counties have declared emergencies due to the increase in human trafficking. Now the opioid fentanyl, highly addictive and lethal, is flowing across the border. More than 90,000 Americans overdosed on illicit drugs last year. Biden’s policies have led to less cooperation between American and Mexican drug interdiction agencies.

Americans usually notice pretty quickly if an administration raises the income tax rates, but administration caused inflation might as well be an official tax, and people are not as apt to notice although it affects the pocketbook just as much. In February, a 3/4″ standard sheet of plywood cost $72.49. In March it was up to $83.49 and in April it is $95.98 a sheet. That’s a 252% price increase in one of the most used pieces of common lumber for construction. Officially known as “inflation.” Widely used and quickly flows through society affecting other prices. We call it “inflation” but it should more accurately be called a tax.

Mark Zuckerberg continues to assume that his social media platform is more important than the office of the President of the United States. His “oversight board” continues to lie about the January 6 “riot” and continues to ban former President Donald Trump. Clearly, it’s time to do a bit of regulating of Big Tech. Their egos have gotten out of control. They may be very rich, but they are not as important as they think they are, and Mark Zuckerberg does not outrank the President of the United States.

P.S. Take a moment and write your congressmen and senators. It’s simply and And hearing from constituents is how we effect change.

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