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Amnesty for Illegal Aliens is Not as Popular as Biden Believes by The Elephant's Child
May 23, 2021, 7:51 pm
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A few years ago, the Japanese government handed down an edict, that because of the dangers of “climate change” Japan would need to stop running the nation’s vehicles on gasoline (fossil fuels) and switch to running their vehicles on electricity. They shortly discovered that the island nation could not produce enough electricity to power the nation’s vehicles.

They attempted to warn the United States, but we were not particularly interested, but that was before the Biden administration, who were true believers in climate change catastrophe. President Joe Biden believes. That is the reason for dumping the XL pipeline, President Biden is considering moving the nation to electric powered vehicles. He’s even considering running “the Beast”, the presidential vehicle, on electricity. An advisory panel to the president is trying to combine amnesty for illegal immigrants with what they are calling “environmental justice”– the federal effort to confront climate change. Some have tried to suggest that the illegal immigrants trying to cross the Southern border are climate “refugees”.

His White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council (savor that one) has released a report with about 90 pages of recommendations which adopt the language of the “Green New Deal” and opposes nuclear energy. So, while they are disposing of petroleum, fossil fuels in general, nuclear energy, and don’t forget that they don’t like nasty dams in pretty rivers either, and certainly don’t want you cutting any timber, so there you are.

Biden had a January executive order which called for 40% of environmental spending to benefit “disadvantaged communities.” The second immigration recommendation suggests that the administration should work aggressively with Congress to secure a path to legalization for undocumented immigrants, as well as other improvements to prevent the undocumented from environmental justice investments since they are predominately Black, indigenous, and people of color. Biden has already backed an immigration bill to grant legal status to up to 20 million illegal immigrants.

Joe Biden’s budget proposal for 2022 includes $1.4 billion for “environmental justice” initiatives. I reject the combination of the word “environmental” and “justice.” Sheer nonsense. There is no climate crisis. And President Biden does not have the public support for the amnesty for illegal aliens that he thinks he does. I suspect that he doesn’t have the support for “environmental justice” either.

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President Biden, and most of the “leaders” on his staff have agendas, not ideas. There proposals will never work because they are based on “feelings” not actual logical thought.
Feelings can never be “right”, they can only be something felt by some fraction of the people. They will all have “feelings” about those proposals, not any knowledge such as ” MY KIDS CAR SEAT SHOULD NOT FAIL IN A MINOR CRASH. Who do I SUE!!!


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