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The Difficulty of Learning How to Behave by The Elephant's Child
May 24, 2021, 7:56 pm
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The most disturbing headline I saw today was: “Facebook Rejects Back the Blue Ad, Says It’s a “Sensitive Social Issue.” I don’t think much of Facebook, but this descends to new depths. Supporting the police is a sensitive issue? And when you happen to get beaten up on a sidewalk late at night, you don’t want anyone to respond, no help?

First responders, EMTs, police, firefighters, people who put their lives on the line to help out people who get in trouble, and Facebook won’t accept an ad for a free event honoring first responders? Unbelievable. I am not impressed with Facebook ownership and management, as they are committed to running off at the mouth, but this one surprised me. These first responders put their lives on the line to help people in trouble, save lives while endangering their own.

I have been interested in the new Big Tech oligarchs. They came up with ideas that worked, became very rich because of it, and never learned how to behave in an ordinary commercial world. Most long-time businesses learned early to avoid participating in politics. Why deeply annoy half the population? Smart businesses remain devoutly neutral, failing to participate in politics at all.

Just ordinary common sense should suggest that perhaps not all their employees agree with management’s political preferences. One would assume that they would try to avoid antagonizing any of their potential customers. How they choose to vote is of course their own business. But what if you publicly support someone who turns out to be a real dud?

New at being in the limelight, it’s wiser to remain silent and learn how experienced American corporations behave during political battles when everyone gets their sensitivity somewhat heightened.

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Thanks for sharing. You are right. They have sunk to a new low.


Comment by tinafriesen

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