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Migration, Budgets, Inflation, and Debt! by The Elephant's Child
May 31, 2021, 7:48 pm
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The Democrats relationship to the taxpayer’s money is always interesting. They may carefully guard their own wallets, but taxpayers in general get no such distinction. Too many illegals crossing the southern border? Lets just buy them off. Much easier than completing border walls or just refusing to invite them in. Now the Biden administration plans to direct $861 million to the central American Countries so their people won’t invade the border. Simple. So if $861 million is enough to keep them home for a while, how soon will they be back for another $861 million or more?

Seems like there is some very sloppy thinking going on here. That’s federal aid to El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico to “address the root causes of irregular migration.” The root causes are that the Central American countries are poor, and American farm jobs and scut work for Big Tech pay way better than what they can find at home. So the answer to their problem is to pay them to stay away? President Trump’s border wall would have been much more effective. And what’s this “irregular migration?” Seems like a pretty steady flow of illegals, and the border states are suffering. The Border Patrol is trying to cope.

The other very major root cause seems to be President Joe Biden. He may be vaguely coming to recognize that his open borders and amnesty for all policies are not really all that popular with the American people. There have been small clues: he likes to think of them as “refugees” and thus of himself as their savior. He thinks of them as potential Democrat voters who will give Democrats complete control of the government.

I think that Congress decided a while back that the limit would be one million new immigrants a year. We have been exceeding that for years. I have nothing against immigrants. I just want them to come in the legal and proper way. Go to a consulate or embassy, apply to come to America, and wait your turn. Gets you right in when it is your turn, and you can apply for citizenship and become a citizen and we welcome you. We even have parties for new citizens.

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