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Practice a Little Real Capitalism! by The Elephant's Child
June 30, 2021, 10:46 pm
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Just try a little, and get your kids to do so as well. Create three new products you would like to see in the marketplace. Just think about the last few times you have gone shopping, if you didn’t find what you were looking for, or if what you found was unsuitable. There you go. That’s what people do when they are going to start a new company, produce a new product. They look at the last time they were dissatisfied in the marketplace and figure out how to fix it.

A remarkable number of very simple inventions sell in great quantity. I have three “spiral bound ” notebooks on my desk. Who thought up the idea that you could bind together a bunch of paper (lined paper) with a cardboard cover and some kind of wire loops to fasten them all together and everybody would need lots of them. I have four of different sizes and contents on my desk beside the keyboard. And lots more on varied flat surfaces around the house. Who thought of putting a long stick of lead in a wood casing, attaching a little rubber at one end for an eraser and selling millions as the ubiquitous pencil.? We are inclined to think of “an invention” as something big and dramatic, but most inventions are simple things that fulfill an ordinary need. We often recognized the need, just didn’t do anything about trying to fulfill it.

Who invented the washcloth? Towels were more simple. You got all wet in the bath, and had to get dry, but someone decided you needed a wash cloth. I have a little spray bottle of glasses cleaning fluid on my desk too. We have all found some product we use to be annoying, yet not stopped to think how it could be more useful. That’s all caitalism is. Jeff Bezos reportedly started Amazon with a car trunk full of books. Jack Dorsey thought people would like to chat online, Henry Ford wanted to power transportation without having to cope with horses. If you put yourself in the frame of mind of trying to fix small annoyances or solve small problems, there you go. Your solutions might not be mine, but if they work, you might just get rich. The “My Pillow Guy” thought about tearing up foam rubber into little bits to make a pillow softer and more friendly to the human head. Who thought up the ice cream cone?

Buy a little spiral bound notebook and keep track of your ideas as you get better at it. That’s capitalism at work. And maybe you’ll create a new product or a new career. Let me know if it works! But the exercize itself is what is valuable. A way of thinking.

One Million Legal Immigrants Was the Congressional Limit! by The Elephant's Child
June 30, 2021, 6:56 pm
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Congress declared some time ago that we could probably accept about one million immigrants a year. I don’t think they specified “legal” immigrants. They just set the number at one million. Well, July is the beginning of the second half of the year, and reportedly, from CNN, one million have already crossed the border since last October. A Panamanian official warns that there are terrorists among those seeking to cross the border. In June, more than 6,300 people on average have been encountered crossing the border every day, citing the 21 day average.

So naturally, in response, Joe Biden says he’s going to invite back all the illegals that Trump deported. ,These Southern Border numbers do not include the annual steady stream of roughly one million legal immigrants, the 800,000 temporary visa workers, or the people who overstay their legal visas. Joe Biden seems to have an obsession with undoing whatever Trump did, without the slightest consideration of whether the thing Trump did was a good accomplishment or a mistake. If Trump did it, it was, to Biden, clearly wrong. This is not healthy thinking. He seems to have no understanding of the whole idea of “illegal immigration,”

In May, 230.000 migrants crossed the border , 120,000 got through the border, including 100,000 job seekers. DHS Secretary Mayorkas is trying to expand migration across the border by widening many side doors in the nations migration laws, and his is expanding opportunities for illegal and legal migrants to get green cards from Americans. Overall migration legal, illegal, temporary and permanent may hit 2.5 million in Biden’s first year in office.

Good luck to the roughly four million young Americans who will enter the labor force in 2021. Migration ups the competition for jobs and housing that our own kids need. Migration damages American’s career opportunities, cuts their wages, raises their rents and curbs their productivity, and shrinks their political clout. It’s really not just a matter of being nice to young folks that want to come to America. Even GOP leaders have characterized this all as a chaotic border crisis, cruel to migrants, and useful to the drug cartels. Federal agents say they have seen a 4,000 percent increase in Fentanyl coming over the border in the last three years.

We Are Having a Heat Wave! by The Elephant's Child
June 30, 2021, 2:27 am
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See the source image

There’s usually not much to complain about with Northwest Summers, we normally have lovely summer weather, and time for beaches, and sailing and hiking and mountain lakes and streams. Summers are spent on lakes and rivers, hiking and camping. We’re mostly outdoor people. Great skiing in the winter, and water in some form in the summer. Pugent Sound waterfront and islands are naturally a huge attraction, but a long, high range of mountains helps to make the state a big attraction.

Portland is having the same heat wave, and all the same problems.The coast is a little closer to the cities there, and the Coast of Oregon is beaches all the way down. They have the rest of the coastal range of mountains. even down into California.

It is serious. We have designated cooling centers. Hotels, which have air conditioning are booked solid. Even the hotels at SeaTac, the regional international airport here, have no rooms available. We didn’t think of checking into a hotel until way too late. My house is a “daylight basement”, which means the back of the lower story is built into the hill, so it stays cooler in the summer or warmer in the winter.

So far, only a few deaths from heat stroke reported publicly, but emergency rooms are crowded. Didn’t think of getting a hotel room until way too late. In Los Angeles and Phoenix you expect hot summers and are prepared to deal with it. Coming from the mountains of Idaho, with our own several miles of river, one didn’t worry about hot summers all that much.

We have lots of fans, lots of big firs and cedars. It is expected to be slowly cooling through the coming week, getting back down to the normal high 70 degree weather in about a week. The worst would appear to be over.

CAUTION: News sources and the Global Warming anxiety people. NO, our Northwest heat wave is not an indication of non-existent Global Warming. The Globe is just warming and cooling with the actions of the Sun, just as it always does. “Global Warming” exists only in the computer programs of some science labs in some universities that get extra attention and funds if they are concerned with the nonexistent warming of the planet.. Out in the real world, it’s just not happening, even here in two West Coast cities suffering from a heat wave.

Kamala Harris Finally Made a Trip to the Border. by The Elephant's Child
June 28, 2021, 1:46 am
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Kamala Harris finally made a trip of sorts to the border. I say “of sorts” because she went to El Paso, Texas, which is not really a problem spot for illegal immigration. The long western border of Texas butts up almost entirely on Mexico. As a North westerner, I have to refer to maps to learn this stuff. I have been in a tiny northwestern corner of Texas once when I was in a New Mexico park, but that’s it

America is a very large country, and we seldom realize how many Americans there are who have not experienced large sections of the country, or who have never been outside of their home state. That goes for the whole world as well. We depend on the international press to keep us informed, but I suspect that if confronted with a world map with countries outlined, but not named, most of us would be a total flop at entering the names. I’m not even sure how well we would do with naming our own states. They used to have placemats like that in roadside restaurants for the kids to fill in, which was a good exercise.

I suspect that Kamala does not want to experience anything at the border that might reflect badly on her president. Illegal immigration is a huge problem at present, and it is Joe Biden’s fault, and everybody knows it. I’m still wondering just who bought all the illegals the tee shirts saying “Joe Biden let us in” for the hundreds of illegals. I am not opposed to immigrants, I welcome them, but I want them to do it the right and legal way. And sorry, just wanting a better job in this country is not any kind of entitlement. They know they can get better jobs here if they can just get across the border unarrested.

It’s quite a compliment to this country in a way, if the rest of the world wants to come here and become Americans. One would think all those folks who react so utterly stupidly to the American flag, might notice.

It’s a Hot Summer Day! by The Elephant's Child
June 26, 2021, 4:08 pm
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I’m out of sorts today, way too much nonsense. Joe Biden said boldly that “A Range of Programs” are needed for Americans to Not “Pull the Trigger”. Of course this is all about his new ideas about gun control, and effectively getting rid of the 2nd Amendment. Is he aware that most murders are not committed with guns, but with blunt objects? We have a long tradition of Western movies where the hero always has a gun in the holster on his hip, but that’s not real life, and wasn’t, even in the early days of the West.

Rural people are more apt to have guns than city people. Rural people have to deal with rural wildlife, which is not plentiful in cities for the most part and a little more dangerous than city rats. These days, wildlife that city people see only in zoos, gets major headlines if seen on city streets.

I know I had learned to shoot a .22 by the time I was 7, at least. I did grow up very rural in the mountains of Idaho, heard cougars scream, coyotes howl, and killed, over time, one lynx, two porcupines, 2 rattlesnakes and lots of woodrats. Nasty critters. The lynx was trying to kill my dog, one of the porcupines was trying to get in my bedroom window right next to my bed. Bear came around when the crabapple tree bore fruit, but I never even saw one, just their scat.

Our place bordered National Forest and BLM land, and we had no neighbors within a mile. Now ‘environmentalists’ are all eager to re-introduce wolves, so we’ll see how that goes. Most probably, not well. There’s a reason why the wolf population has declined so far. They are not nice neighbors.

A rancher in eastern Idaho was written up nationally recently because Bald Eagles killed numbers of their young lambs. City people are not familiar with rural life, even though they may go camping on vacation. But of course the opposite is also true. Rural people are not accustomed to city life.

The Northwest is having a heat wave. Temperatures this week expected over 100 degrees, and we’re just not used to that. Not many here have air conditioning. I lived in Phoenix for several years, and learned all about air conditioning. The old timers all shut the doors of their small businesses in July and August and went to San Diego.

Here we are accustomed to mild, sunny weather in the summer, good for boating and camping. We have a whole range of mountains separating us from Eastern Washington. which does indeed get hot., but this is the Coastal Range, and hot weather is not the norm. We will, I am sure, survive, though the beaches may be crowded, and lots of boats will be out on Lake Washington and in the Sound, and everyone will complain. It is currently 960 out and theoretically the high point for the day, sky is blue and cloudless. Fans going.

Democrats’ Crime Problem Is Serious! by The Elephant's Child
June 24, 2021, 11:48 pm
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The most devastating headline of the day was in the Wall Street Journal, for an article by Karl Rove: When Does the Actual Governing Start? Ouch! Democrats, he says , are chasing left wing fantasies instead of dealing with the necessities of policy. That sounds about right.

The American people are concerned about crime, an influx of illegal aliens that are causing a lot of the crime. Drugs are flowing across the Southern Border from Mexican Drug Cartels, and igniting crime in this country. Joe Biden seems to believe that if he just takes away everybody’s guns, then there won’t be any more crime. It’s a little more complicated than that. “Defund the Police” is clearly not working. In New York’s election, crime was clearly the dominant issue.

Joe Biden has made a concerted effort to open the borders to vast numbers of illegal aliens from Central America. He prefers to refer to them as “refugees” but the Central American problems are not wars nor corruption, but the ability to earn more in the United States than they could at home. Not to mention free schools for the kids, and potentially, the ability to become citizens.

Many Americans welcome new citizens, legal immigrants who come here by applying at the nearest U.S. consulate and waiting their turn. Congress has suggested that about a million immigrants a year are welcome to apply for citizenship. We’re way over that now. The Center for Immigration Studies ( is a Washington D.C. Think Tank devoted to immigration and its problems and regulation. The border states are having a bad time withe the influx of illegals. Joe Biden, in his rush to undo anything and everything done by President Donald Trump has made a colossal mess of it. But apparently Kamala Harris is actually going to visit the border.

About two million illegal immigrants have been issued Social Security numbers, including those with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), Temporary Protected Status (TPS), and applicants for adjustment of status, suspension of deportation, and asylum, as well as parolees and those granted withholding of removal. All of the above individuals are in the country illegally and could be required to leave. Yet, under the current system, they are still given work authorization and Social Security numbers, allowing them to receive the EITC and ACTC.

There are, of course, a lot of people in this country who welcome cheap labor. Farmers need a lot of stoop labor in harvesting their crops, and it’s hard to find cheap. The well-to-do want their lawns mowed and their scut work done cheaply. Schools have a hard time dealing with large numbers of non-English speaking kids. When it is done legally, it’s one thing, illegally — something quite different. And some people believe that we were once all immigrants, and shouldn’t turn anyone away. The numbers of Americans murdered by illegal aliens keeps growing. And not all the illegals are from Central America, they are coming from all over the world and using the Southern Border to get in. Including a lot on the inadmissible list.

I would urge you to visit occasionally to have a better grasp of the problems. They even offer border tours for those who are interested. Unfortunately, the press doesn’t always do their homework. Democrats are apt to believe that if you just throw some money at a problem, that solves it. Doesn’t work that way. They have already done too much of that. Inflation is clearly showing up. Keep an eye on the price of gas. Lumber has pretty much returned to normal, but we’ll be seeing more inflation at the grocery store.

Democrats Have a Crime Problem. by The Elephant's Child
June 23, 2021, 6:32 pm
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Over the past months, Democrats have tried to ignore the riots and violence committed in many of America’s cities, by Democrat mobs. The massive influx of illegal aliens who seem to believe that they have been invited by President Biden hasn’t helped, nor the increasing numbers of Americans who have been murdered by illegal aliens. Joe Biden’s sympathy for “refugees” from Central America, and his determined push to undo anything and everything done by the hated Trump has only added to the problems. The biggest problem would seem to be the Mexican Drug Cartels who are shipping their poisonous wares across the border. Texas has the longest border with Mexico, and they are fed up and taking serious action, including building their own wall if necessary.

The States, Texas. Florida, Arizona, and California are stepping up as quickly as they can to put up their own barriers. Democrats are beginning to notice that the open borders are not exactly popular with the public, and that the American public is getting pretty incensed with the crime problem, which they are beginning to seriously blame on — Democrats. All the flap about “Defunding the Police” is beginning to die out as people are realizing that it is not the police that are the problem. With a massive influx of drugs, crime increases, and Democrats are noticing that they are getting (deservedly) blamed. Even Kamala Harris is finally planning to visit the border.

The Wall Street Journal reported:

President Biden is expected to lay out his crime-prevention strategy Wednesday amid a rise in gun violence in many cities, as Republicans seek to tie the increase in crime to calls for cuts to police departments.

I’m not at all clear on the public attitude towards the influx of illegal aliens. There have always been the posters announcing that “No Human Is Illegal” or other silly statements, but I have assumed that most people expect new immigrants to arrive legally, having received permission to enter the country. We have generous immigration laws, and welcome new citizens who have followed the law. Congress has authorized about a million new immigrants a year, and we have Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for a reason.

The Democrats currently have a crime problem, a “Defund the Police Problem”, and innocent people keep getting murdered by illegal aliens.We’ll see just what they intend to do about it, but it really doesn’t sound like they are on the right track at all. We will see what President Biden has to say on Wednesday. I don’t expect anything positive.

Confidence in Precisely What? by The Elephant's Child
June 21, 2021, 10:58 pm
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President Biden has returned from his trip to Europe for the G7 meeting of European leaders. The press was sure that the trip was a Biden triumph, but there were a lot of voices suggesting that perhaps some cognitive tests were in order.

Hillary remains certain that it was Russian interference that made her lose the election to Donald Trump, and she seems to blame Putin specifically. Russia keeps on messing around with the Ukraine, and nobody seems to publicly object.

Signs of inflation are readily available, especially on gas station pumps. Which should not be surprising with a president who is determined to stop nonexistent climate change.

Dr. Fauci is in deep disgrace as it is learned that he invested in the work of the Wuhan Labs, but he denies everything entirely. I keep remembering that the first appearance of the Covid virus came when someone from Wuhan China came to visit relatives in a nursing home about a couple of miles or so north of my house, and infected the relative, the staff and other patients. President Trump was immediately on top of it, and halted any traffic from China, to a vast outcry from the press about racial discrimination, bias and so on, but clearly saved a lot of lives with his prompt action. Calling it a Chinese virus, or a Wuhan virus was not out of line, as most dangerous viruses are called by the name of their place of origin. Dr. Fauci denies any relation to anything whatsoever. He apparently remains the highest paid federal employee.

It looks like the remedy that President Trump was suggesting was actually highly effective, but he was attacked for that as well.

Things get confusing, and everybody wants to blame someone else. The Covid crisis seems to be under control, people have been vaccinated, the lockdown has eased, and it looks as if schools will reopen in the fall. The problem now seems to be just what it is that they will be teaching. Our society is in turmoil.

Governors on the Southern border are stepping up to try to control Biden’s open borders and amnesty for all. The list of Americans murdered by illegal aliens keeps growing but somehow vague ideas about “refugees” (from what?) seem more popular than insisting that people who want to come to America should simply apply at the nearest consulate and wait their turn, as the law requires. Congress, some years ago limited the number of immigrants to one million a year. I haven’t been able to find out where we stand with that limitation.

So that’s where we are, and it is confusing, and unclear at best. No confidence that anyone is doing the right thing, or even knows what the right thing is. Just no confidence at all.

My Sympathies to the Biden Family by The Elephant's Child
June 21, 2021, 1:12 pm
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The Bidens are mourning the loss of their long-time beloved family pet dog “Champ”, who died at the advanced age of 13, (a normal life span for a dog).

I thought I remembered the Bidens acquiring a couple of dogs from a shelter after they moved into the White House, because it looked good for a president to have a dog, like FDR famously had his “little dog Fala”. Fala was always called by all three words, not just Fala. The Bidens had a photo-op for the press of them playing with the dogs on the White House lawn.

But then there turned out to be a problem because the dogs kept biting the White House personnel, so they sent them off the the Biden family home in Delaware, after they got some good pictures of the dogs beside the presidential desk in the oval office. But if Champ turned out to be a long-time beloved family pet, I certainly extend my sympathies. It’s painful to lose a family pet.

I’ve always had dogs. I acquired a half Great Pyrenees-half St. Bernard when I was born, and he was my companion and caretaker for years. Lots of St. Bernards, but in recent years Shepherds and most recently a beloved Lab. Only a cat at present.

Is this how it all begins? by The Elephant's Child
June 15, 2021, 11:07 pm
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Biden began his presidency with a stark warning in his inauguration speech about the “rise in political extremism, white supremacy, domestic terrorism, that we must confront and we will defeat.” On June 1, Biden described the threat from “white supremacy” as the “most lethal threat to the homeland today.”

“White Supremacy” is just the Democrats attempt to agitate Blacks and to retain their votes. President Trump did a lot for the Black community when he created “opportunity zones.” Democrats went to great lengths to claim that the effort didn’t work, was a failure, a flop, useless, bad and a lot of worse adjectives. The Big Tech “fact checkers” piled on, of course. Can’t have any successes from the Trump Administration, especially in doing something positive for the black community. It’s really a shame that they have to demonize something successful just to make sure that Trump gets no credit. Opportunity Zones did work.

Here’s Dr. Ben Carson, Trump’s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development explaining just what an opportunity zone was and what they hoped to accomplish with them. Democrats and Big-Tech “Fact Checkers”, of course immediately jumped in to denigrate, demonize, disparage and deny, and perhaps convinced a lot of people that it was a failed effort, but the folks who lived there know better.

There are lot of silly claims about “white supremacy” being “rampant”. That simply notes that in the 2010 Census, the statistics showed that 79.4% of the population of the United States was white, and 13% were black only (not counting mixed races). The 2020 Census has not yet released their newer statistics. Does just having more white people mean “white supremacy?” Seems to me it’s just numbers, not any kind of a designation of who is in charge, or who rules, or anything else. A larger percentage of the American population is white. Has nothing whatsoever to do with so-called “supremacy.”

President Biden has gone off to Europe for the big G-7 conference. The funniest thing is that, with his declining memory, Joe Biden had to take notes with him to remind him of all the very bad things he wants to blame Trump for— to his G7 partners. Some reporters, or their photographers, got shots of Biden’s note card reminders of all the very bad things he wanted to say about Donald Trump and you can actually read some of the notes in the photographs. You could probably find them if you search. It really is funny, if rather pathetic.

Wouldn’t it be nice if a new president wanted to say that, my predecessor did this and it really worked well, so I’m going to repeat it to try to accomplish a little more, or something like that. Well, not going to happen, but spending a whole new administration just trying to demonize your predecessor doesn’t seem like a very worthwhile pursuit.

Only 391 years ago…the Winthrop Fleet arrived. by The Elephant's Child
June 14, 2021, 6:36 pm
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In 1630, John Winthrop organized a fleet of 11 ships to carry almost 1,000 immigrants from England to America and founded the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

There were two groups. They arrived at various dates in June and July. They carried between 700 and 1,000 Puritans, plus their livestock and all their provisions from England to Salem between April 8 and June 12 of 1630. That’s two and a half months sailing across the broad Atlantic with all their livestock in tiny crowded sailing ships. Give them a grateful thought.

Texas is Just Going to Build Their Own Border Walls! by The Elephant's Child
June 13, 2021, 9:59 pm
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Texas has had enough of the Biden Border policies. Texas is a big state, and they have a lot of border with Mexico, and had quite a few wars over it as well. Texas Governor Gregg Abbott has announced that since Biden is so busy trying to eliminate the immigration controls that President Trump established, Texas will just build their own border walls. What a truly odd state of affairs. Take a good look at a map of Texas to see just how much border they have with Mexico, and you will see their problem. That’s the Alamo above.

I really do not understand just why Joe Biden wants to invite Central America to come in as illegal aliens. Does he assume that because they manage to sneak across the border they will, when they become voters, be so grateful to him that they will automatically vote Democrat? Is he trying to assure that because of “la invatacion” they will naturally be Democrat voters? Congress, I thought, said that we could at a maximum, handle one million immigrants a year, and I think we are way over that already. Does he believe that admitting illegals and offering citizenship just around the corner that makes him a good and compassionate person? I do not understand the motivation.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton reminded that Texas was the first state to bring a lawsuit against the Biden Administration, which they won. Within 6 days of Biden’s inauguration, Texas had HALTED his illegal deportation freeze.

It’s going to get interesting when the schools re-open this fall. (They will re-open this fall won’t they?) when many schools are filled with Spanish-speaking kids, with teachers who don’t necessarily speak Spanish. I had Spanish classes all the way through school, but never any spoken Spanish. I still have a lot of Spanish vocabulary, but do not speak the language. Never had a fluent Spanish speaker around.

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