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Password Hell! Is it Just Me? by The Elephant's Child

How much lost time do you spend in password hell? I have a little notebook in which I carefully write down all my passwords, or rather my newest password revisions. Whenever I go to a site that requires a password, I look into my little notebook in which I have carefully written down the latest password revisions. Guess what! They never work. And I have to start all over coming up with a new password, carefully writing it down in my little notebook, with apparently an absolute guarantee that when I try to use it, it will not work, and I have to go back to ground zero and start all over again. I really don’t think I’m delusional, I think there is something seriously wrong with the password world out there. Had a Dr’s appointment today, which means I get a post visit comment from the doctor in my hospital “My Chart” communication summarizing the visit. The hospital has a help-desk for people like me who cannot get in to their “My Chart” summary.

I have the impression that every serious business you contact by e-mail has some sort of help desk to get you connected to your message or business, but first you have to go through password hell to convince authority that you are entitled to enter their restricted world. Am I delusional or do most people have problems too? Seems like this is a problem ripe for some entrepreneurial wisdom and invention. Current reality not acceptable.

Do we, at birth, get branded with a permanent password, already cleared to be unavailable to anyone else in the whole world? There’s an idea, and you could have a whole another new field for physicians to remove brands effectively and cheaply.

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