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President Biden Believes in Climate Change by The Elephant's Child
June 8, 2021, 11:50 pm
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President Biden’s Interior Department has suspended a Trump era drilling lease in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) in order to conduct a “comprehensive analysis” of the potential environmental impact of drilling for oil and natural gas. Of course one never knows if it is because it was a Trump accomplishment, because of his own illusions about global warming, or because he’s all hot for electric cars.

On his first day in office, Biden issued an executive order enforcing a temporary moratorium on all ANWR oil-related drilling over “alleged legal deficiencies”. That went along with the cancellation of the Keystone Pipeline. Biden is very big on Green Energy, and no one has told him that it doesn’t work. Windmills sound good, but the wind is just not that cooperative.

Biden has pledged to prioritize green energy, and clearly has no understanding of how hard President Donald Trump worked to establish American energy independence, or more likely doesn’t care. It’s a major national security issue. But Biden’s greatest aim seems to be to undo anything and everything done by the hated Trump.

“Environmentalists” are worried about carbon dioxide, CO2, which is increasing slightly in the atmosphere. CO2 is a natural fertilizer for plants and makes crops grow more bountiful, feeds a hungry world, and grows trees to provide lumber for the houses Biden wants to build. President Biden;s stated goal is net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, which is, fortunately, probably impossible. America’s power plants mostly run on fossil fuels. Our large rivers have all the dams they have places for, and in the wake of Chernobyl and Fukushima, there’s fear of nuclear plants.

A few years back, the Japanese government sent down an edict on climate. Japanese vehicles were to run on electricity, not gasoline. They soon discovered that to be impossible. Japan could not produce enough electricity to light and heat the nation and run their vehicles as well. The Japanese have tried to warn us, but nobody is paying attention. Can we power our modern industrial country, light and heat the nation, and also run all the nation’s vehicles on electricity? Back East, towns and cities are closer together, but in the West, there are many, many places where you wouldn’t be able to plug in an electric car for miles and miles.

Aside from all that, there is no climate crisis anyway. The climate of the earth is controlled by the actions of the sun, not by CO2 emissions from cars or cows. That’s why I keep emphasizing studying up.There is no greater savior of nations than an informed citizenry.

See Also: “The More Alarmists Talk, The More We Know Global Warming Is A Scam.”

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Nine little summary of mis-educated bureaucrats trying to run political programs masked as “technical” programs.
It’s not all that difficult, but it takes dedicated politicians and bureacracts to make bad decisions over and over because they don’t understand how the world works. It does NOT work by EDICT.


Comment by Philo

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