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The Changing Climate of the Earth. by The Elephant's Child
June 13, 2021, 4:25 pm
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I write a lot about the “Climate Crisis” which I believe to be nonsense. The climate of the earth is always changing, controlled by the actions of the sun. Has nothing to do with carbon dioxide, which is a natural fertilizer for plants and slight increases mean more bountiful crops and food for a hungry world. We have cool years and hot years, most often measured by just how hot it was in the summer, or the floods, the tornadoes, or how cold it was in the winter. All of this is measured by the personal complaints of the people. Or at least it was until we got some formal standards for measurement. That first arrived with the invention of the thermometer. To measure anything, you need standards so your measurements will actually mean something.

A headline at Breitbart this morning was: “G7 Leaders to Agree Anti-Coal, Anti-Car, And Carbon-Cutting Targets”. Mr. Biden has famously already ended the XL Pipeline that was to transport Canadian Oil to American refineries and then on to ports at the Gulf of Mexico for export to other countries. The oil will still be transported, it just will have to go by train now, which is much more open to spills and accident than by the pipeline. The “Nature Compact” struck to try to halt and reverse biodiversity loss is also set to “see them commit to nearly halve their carbon emissions by 2030, relative to 2010”. Carbon Dioxide is a natural fertilizer for plants, which means more bountiful crops and more food for a hungry world. Helps trees to grow, provide lumber for all those houses Mr. Biden wants to build.

Japan, several years ago, was handed down an edict to switch to electricity to power the nations’ vehicles, in the interest of reducing CO2 to protect the nation from climate change. They discovered that to be impossible.The Japanese nation could not produce enough electricity to both power the nation’s homes and businesses but to power their vehicles as well. Impossible. They have tried to warn us, but of course , nobody is paying attention.

I don’t know how many vehicles Japan has, but the United States, based on registered vehicles for 1990 to 2019 has 276 million vehicles including buses and motorcycles. I have no idea how much electricity it would take to power 276 million vehicles, or how that would affect the amount of power we produce. Our major rivers already have dams. Most of our power plants run on fossil fuels. Could we make all of our vehicles run on electricity and still have enough electricity left to power the nation’s cities, homes, and industries? I have no idea, but I haven’t been able to find any answers either.

Carbon Dioxide is a natural fertilizer for plants. It is beneficial. Feeds a hungry world. The climate is not controlled by the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, but by the action of the sun. And do check in regularly with Dr. Roy Spencer who is keeping tabs on what is actually going on around the world for NASA.

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