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My Sympathies to the Biden Family by The Elephant's Child
June 21, 2021, 1:12 pm
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The Bidens are mourning the loss of their long-time beloved family pet dog “Champ”, who died at the advanced age of 13, (a normal life span for a dog).

I thought I remembered the Bidens acquiring a couple of dogs from a shelter after they moved into the White House, because it looked good for a president to have a dog, like FDR famously had his “little dog Fala”. Fala was always called by all three words, not just Fala. The Bidens had a photo-op for the press of them playing with the dogs on the White House lawn.

But then there turned out to be a problem because the dogs kept biting the White House personnel, so they sent them off the the Biden family home in Delaware, after they got some good pictures of the dogs beside the presidential desk in the oval office. But if Champ turned out to be a long-time beloved family pet, I certainly extend my sympathies. It’s painful to lose a family pet.

I’ve always had dogs. I acquired a half Great Pyrenees-half St. Bernard when I was born, and he was my companion and caretaker for years. Lots of St. Bernards, but in recent years Shepherds and most recently a beloved Lab. Only a cat at present.

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