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Democrats Have a Crime Problem. by The Elephant's Child
June 23, 2021, 6:32 pm
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Over the past months, Democrats have tried to ignore the riots and violence committed in many of America’s cities, by Democrat mobs. The massive influx of illegal aliens who seem to believe that they have been invited by President Biden hasn’t helped, nor the increasing numbers of Americans who have been murdered by illegal aliens. Joe Biden’s sympathy for “refugees” from Central America, and his determined push to undo anything and everything done by the hated Trump has only added to the problems. The biggest problem would seem to be the Mexican Drug Cartels who are shipping their poisonous wares across the border. Texas has the longest border with Mexico, and they are fed up and taking serious action, including building their own wall if necessary.

The States, Texas. Florida, Arizona, and California are stepping up as quickly as they can to put up their own barriers. Democrats are beginning to notice that the open borders are not exactly popular with the public, and that the American public is getting pretty incensed with the crime problem, which they are beginning to seriously blame on — Democrats. All the flap about “Defunding the Police” is beginning to die out as people are realizing that it is not the police that are the problem. With a massive influx of drugs, crime increases, and Democrats are noticing that they are getting (deservedly) blamed. Even Kamala Harris is finally planning to visit the border.

The Wall Street Journal reported:

President Biden is expected to lay out his crime-prevention strategy Wednesday amid a rise in gun violence in many cities, as Republicans seek to tie the increase in crime to calls for cuts to police departments.

I’m not at all clear on the public attitude towards the influx of illegal aliens. There have always been the posters announcing that “No Human Is Illegal” or other silly statements, but I have assumed that most people expect new immigrants to arrive legally, having received permission to enter the country. We have generous immigration laws, and welcome new citizens who have followed the law. Congress has authorized about a million new immigrants a year, and we have Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for a reason.

The Democrats currently have a crime problem, a “Defund the Police Problem”, and innocent people keep getting murdered by illegal aliens.We’ll see just what they intend to do about it, but it really doesn’t sound like they are on the right track at all. We will see what President Biden has to say on Wednesday. I don’t expect anything positive.

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“Never underestimate [Joe’s] ability to f**k things up.”

Probably the wisest piece of advice to come from former President Barack Obama.

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