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Kamala Harris Finally Made a Trip to the Border. by The Elephant's Child
June 28, 2021, 1:46 am
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Kamala Harris finally made a trip of sorts to the border. I say “of sorts” because she went to El Paso, Texas, which is not really a problem spot for illegal immigration. The long western border of Texas butts up almost entirely on Mexico. As a North westerner, I have to refer to maps to learn this stuff. I have been in a tiny northwestern corner of Texas once when I was in a New Mexico park, but that’s it

America is a very large country, and we seldom realize how many Americans there are who have not experienced large sections of the country, or who have never been outside of their home state. That goes for the whole world as well. We depend on the international press to keep us informed, but I suspect that if confronted with a world map with countries outlined, but not named, most of us would be a total flop at entering the names. I’m not even sure how well we would do with naming our own states. They used to have placemats like that in roadside restaurants for the kids to fill in, which was a good exercise.

I suspect that Kamala does not want to experience anything at the border that might reflect badly on her president. Illegal immigration is a huge problem at present, and it is Joe Biden’s fault, and everybody knows it. I’m still wondering just who bought all the illegals the tee shirts saying “Joe Biden let us in” for the hundreds of illegals. I am not opposed to immigrants, I welcome them, but I want them to do it the right and legal way. And sorry, just wanting a better job in this country is not any kind of entitlement. They know they can get better jobs here if they can just get across the border unarrested.

It’s quite a compliment to this country in a way, if the rest of the world wants to come here and become Americans. One would think all those folks who react so utterly stupidly to the American flag, might notice.

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