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So, Just Who is an “Extremist”? by The Elephant's Child
July 2, 2021, 7:13 pm
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The headline at Breitbart reads: “Facebook Asks Conservatives if They (Or their Friends) Are Worried About Becoming an Extremist“. Made me Laugh! No, I’m worried about the extremists running Facebook who seem to have decided that they are entitled to decide what people may or may not say.

The First Amendment reads:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

There are a lot of websites that ban the nasty swear words, but clearly Mr. Zuckerberg has something else in mind, like conservatives. We’ve already established, haven’t we, that the June 6 invasion of the capitol was planned on Facebook?

And that’s what the problem is. The idea that you could just have a space where people could converse with each other, didn’t know how to devise rules and regulations to control the conversation, but controlling the conversation sort of messes up the whole basic idea of Facebook. Mr. Zuckerberg thought through all the upside, got very rich, but didn’t think through the downside possibilities of encouraging very very public conversation.

Human beings are a very mixed lot. Some are lovely admirable people, Some don’t agree who the lovely admirable people are. We choose our friends, exclude some, which is fine if those we choose to exclude don’t belong to any group that might be offended by being excluded. There are some places where redheads are called “gingers” and if not excluded, made to feel uncomfortable. My mother had gorgeous auburn hair, which I did not inherit, to my dismay. Have you noticed that there is little fuss over other hair colors, (except the obviously bleached blondes) but redheads get all the attention. I think that after the capitol invasion, Congress is terrified that it will happen again. The “invaders” did no damage, but simply scared the hell out of the complacent congresspeople. Being held responsible at the polls is one thing, as is a formal meeting, but … These people are very new at being what? Important capitalists.? They used to use their new wealth to marry their daughters off to English nobility, but that has faded in desirability. Now they just want to run the world.

The Worst is Definitely Over! by The Elephant's Child
July 2, 2021, 4:44 pm
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Our heat wave has apparently passed. Thank goodness! Today it’s a balmy 71 degrees, cloudy sky, but more bearable than the heat. Heat’s fine if you can cool off when you need to. “Each day more deaths are being linked to the heat wave. Reporters are trying to get attention with their dire accounts of suffering North-westerners. Seattle tied it’s all-time heat record of 103 degrees.

The city of Seattle sits on hills, supposedly seven of them, between Puget Sound on the West and Lake Washington to the East. I live on the east side of Lake Washington, on a hill, with the smaller Lake Sammamish to the East. and on the other side of that lake, the hills start rising into the Coastal range of mountains., who testify frequently for Congress. MSNBC, unsurprisingly, tries to make our heat wave as the “beginning of a permanent climate emergency”, which is nonsense. Over the past century, 100 years, the earth has warmed by approximately one degree F. Run for the hills! That’s Mt. Rainier in the background of the photo, and Lake Washington.

If you are an adult, you may have noticed that some summers are hotter than others. If you are worried, check in with Dr Roy Spencer PhD, who with Dr John Christy PhD, measures world temperatures for NASA by satellite and weather balloon. They testify frequently to Congress, whose members hear from alarmed constituents back home.

Portland and Vancouver, Canada have also suffered from the heat wave Portland sits at the confluence of two rivers, the big Columbia and the smaller Willamette. Portland has Vancouver Washington just across the river, Vancouver Canada is just across the border.

Keep in mind the simple fact that reporters want to get their stories on the front page, and consequently are looking for whatever is most dramatic. I am looking at an article from Slate, the photo features a young and apparently pretty young lady with tattoos snuggled under a blanket with her two dogs at a cooling center in the Oregon Convention Center on Sunday in Portland. The death toll in Oregon has reached 75, and Washington State authorities have linked 30 deaths to the heat. British Columbia reports at least 486 “sudden and unexpected deaths” between June 25 and Wednesday. Normally they would expect about 165 over a 5 day period. That’s what I can find online today, July 2.

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