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Celebrating Our Nation’s Founding by The Elephant's Child
July 4, 2021, 5:00 pm
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Happy Fourth of July! Everyone seems to be remarkably unhappy this year. Remarkably anti-American. which I find interesting. Thousands of people at various parts of our southern border, trying desperately to get in, without doing it the legal and proper way, but by just crossing our Southern border. There is a correct and legal way to come to America. You go to your nearest embassy or consulate, and apply, and then wait your turn. Takes a while, but you get to come in and apply to become a citizen. We welcome you and applaud your naturalization ceremony. Then you get to pay taxes on your earnings to help support the government that keeps trying to give you more goodies, and tries to keep the illegals out. This year we finally made Juneteenth, the day when the last slaves were freed, a national holiday.

We have had a black president, black people have risen to every important post in the government, the legal system. state governments, business, and entertainment. We fought a long and bloody war partly because the Southern slave economy wanted to secede rather than give up their system. The Northern states were industrial, the Southern states were agricultural, depending on a lot of stoop labor. (The jobs that a lot of central Americans want because they pay more than central American jobs.) Slavery was not a uniquely American evil. Lots of slavery all over the world. The Chinese have currently made slaves of the Uighur people because they are Muslim and thus different. The majority of the Atlantic slave trade went to South America, not here.

The Kwakiutl tribes in Canada used to come south in their giant war canoes to collect slaves along the Washington coast to take back to Canada to do their scut work. Many of our Native American tribes kept the members of other tribes with whom they had warred as slaves, rather than kill them.

The University of North Carolina has granted tenure to Nicole Hannah-Jones, the author of “The 1619 Project” which was massively incorrect. Her “1619 Project” claimed that Slavery came to America in 1619 when a shipload of blacks was dropped off in the early Chesapeake Bay Colony. Incorrect. Portuguese sailors sold a group of blacks to the colony as “indentured servants”. They had to work for their new employers long enough to pay off the cost of their transportation across the Atlantic. Many new Americans in those days came as “indentured servants” in just such circumstances because the price of transportation across the Atlantic was expensive. They worked until they had paid off the cost of their indenture, and then were free. “Indentured servitude” was outlawed at the same time as slavery.

Rosanna Arquette, whoever she is, has announced that she “will Kneel in Protest of National Anthem, and U.S. Flag “for the rest of her life”. Just what she is protesting is unclear. She is apparently some kind of “celebrity”, which probably means she was once in a movie. The way you become a “celebrity” is to run for the nearest reporter with a microphone, and say something obnoxious and massively ignorant which may get your name in the paper. If you can just get your name recognized, then you may become “click bait” and online people will click on your name. Voila! Celebrity. Normally, we assumed that celebrity came with some accomplishment, but apparently that no longer applies.

Canadian copycats are having a wave of statue smashing and burning down churches. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said “One of my reflections is I understand the anger that’s out there against the federal government, against institutions like the Catholic church; it is real and it is fully understandable given the shameful history that we are all becoming more and more aware of, and engaging ourselves to do better as Canadians.’ He went on to blather something about “the hard work we need to do to actually rebuild a path forward that reflects the terrible intergenerational trauma and present day realities of suffering that we are all collectively responsible for.” Aside from churches, they are demolishing Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth and Captain Cook. Could it be something in the water?

Oregon Governor Brown announced that it is absolutely unacceptable that FEMA does not provide assistance to the Undocumented. NO. Their problem is Not that they do not have “documents” but they are not entitled to be here. That, I assume, is why Eastern Oregon counties are talking about seceding and joining Idaho.

It is the Fourth of July, 2012, and apparently the world in general has gone completely nuts. Go to your local fireworks display, shoot off a few firecrackers if you have some, have a great barbecue, and in spite of all the nutcases out there, have a Happy Fourth!

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