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Ice Cream Cones Are A Good Image. by The Elephant's Child
July 6, 2021, 4:56 pm
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“Sigh, I could natter on about he recognized the heat only in Portland, and not Seattle or Vancouver. High pressure area over the Northwest made it hot, and just how he thinks he can remove a high pressure area is unclear. Biden promised to spend more money on “natural infrastructure to fight climate change.”First, our climate is controlled by the actions of our sun, and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it. The people who believe they can do something about “climate” believe mistakenly that climate is controlled by the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere (it is not) and if we just ban fossil fuels and switch to “natural” wind and solar energy, all would be well. Wind and solar just cannot produce enough energy to power a modern industrial society, and if you took the “industrial” out of that last phrase, you wouldn’t much like the result.

Start trying to run all our transportation on electricity, and you get way further into the deep weeds. Japan tried it, and discovered that their nation was unable to produce enough electricity to power the nation’s vehicles as well as their normal homes and economy. They tried to warn us, but folks like Joe Biden are not interested in the problems involved, but more in symbols. You may have noticed that the latest photos of the president usually have him eating an ice cream cone. Good symbol.

Weirdos are on about the horrors of cow flatulence. I’d put money on that bet. The climate is always changing. We have hot years and cold years. We have even had ice ages, and we’re still muddling along. And back, by the way, to talking about inhabiting other planets, inspired by the recent Mars trip.

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