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Mt. Rainier is an active volcano! by The Elephant's Child
July 8, 2021, 4:55 pm
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I have recently posted pictures of Lake Washington with Mt. Rainier in the background, and people seemed interested. Not many cities have a beautiful looming mountain in the background, and it is pretty impressive, although we’re so used to it we pay no attention anymore.

Mt. Rainier is a National Park, and an active volcano. It last erupted in 1450, but it belches out steam or a little debris now and then. No big blasts or spectacular eruption at all. If you are interested, search online for Mt. Rainier, and you will find a wealth of information, and pictures. The facilities seem to be currently closed, whether still because of Covid or just in general, I don’t know. Don’t forget that Mt. St Helens, which did erupt, is in the same Cascade Range.

We are fully vaccinated, both shots, but all sorts of facilities still demand that you wear a mask. My grocery store pharmacy is now offering shots, so there are apparently still all sorts of unvaccinated people out there. President Biden is talking about going door to door to locate the unvaccinated. Clearly some people fear vaccinations of any kind, and refuse to get them. Took a long time for us to find a source for the shots, but then our two big hospitals on the east side of Lake Washington got together and put on a massive event with a cast of thousands (probably not really, but it seemed like that) very big, very organized, at Microsoft. Now they are readily available most everywhere here. But all sorts of facilities are just opening, still closed, or demanding wide separation. Weird times. The city has just approved outdoor dining for most restaurants.

My grocery store is now offering “Beyond Meat” which seems to be what you might call “fake meat”. The idea seems to be based on climate fears, carbon dioxide and cow flatulence, which is utter nonsense. CO2. carbon dioxide, is plant food. A slight increase in the atmosphere is a good thing, and increases the growth and production of farm crops, even your backyard gardens, and trees— just all vegetation across the world. It is a good thing. Feeds hungry people. But then we developed “golden rice” with vitamins A and C added to prevent scurvy which was prevalent in the Far East, but they wouldn’t touch it, thought we were trying to poison their children.

There are vegetarians opposed to eating animals, but the “Beyond Meat” seems to be the development of a fake meat made from plants. Which made me laugh. We have a very efficient method of creating delicious meat from grass and clover. It’s called a cow. They turn vast pastures of grass and clover into delicious prime rib, steaks and roasts. Humans have always hunted animals, birds and fish for food. And we have learned from Wuhan that the Chinese apparently eat bats and pangolin., where I would definitely draw the line. But they also eat dogs!

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