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Ninety-three thousand Americans! by The Elephant's Child

Looks like a shocking 93.000 people in America died from drug overdoses last year. This would seem to be a direct result of Joe Biden’s open borders policy. Not only are we having an enormous influx of illegal aliens, they are accompanied by the Mexican Drug Cartels, who are delighted to use the cover of lots of illegals crossing the border. The leading causes of overdose deaths, according to CDC data seem to be fentanyl and methamphetamine involved in 57,000 and 24,000 deaths respectively. These two are synthesized in a lab from easily obtained precursor chemicals to “cheaply produce incredibly potent drugs ” which are smuggled across the southwestern border and adulterate most of the ostensibly non-synthetic illicit drug supply.

As to illegal aliens, they have already surpassed Congressional assumptions that we could probably handle about a million new immigrants in a year. These aren’t new legal immigrants as Congress had in mind, but mostly Central Americans looking for higher-paying jobs than they can find at home, as well as free schooling for their children and medical care. But the hope is apparently that they will remember that Biden invited them in and will vote for him when they promptly manage to get to vote.

I am completely welcoming to legal immigrants, it’s the illegal ones I worry about, and the terrorists who are using that entry to get in. I’m still inclined to believe the two autopsies on George Floyd that said he had a major overdose of fentanyl. which was his cause of death, but as soon as his death became the centerpiece for “Black Lives Matter” there was no chance of any accuracy coming out, and Chauvin was sent to prison. I wasn’t there and only read the news.

Don’t want to hear of any overdose deaths, or drug addicts, and I don’t want government policies making them more likely. 93.000 people is a lot of Americans.

Considering the human head. by The Elephant's Child
July 17, 2021, 4:44 pm
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Did you ever give the human head any serious thought? Probably not, yet what an interesting object it is. This roundish thing that tops the human body, millions and millions of them, but no two exactly alike, even those of twins.

Two eyes, a nose and a mouth, varying quantities and color of hair and facial hair. And we have entered a new era of facial hair. Bearded men are now, once again, common. I have no idea why men like beards, beyond not having to shave every day. My father was always clean shaven, but he wouldn’t have gotten any breakfast if he wasn’t. We have had eras when all men had beards, we have photographic evidence, and even earlier, artist’s representations. Obviously in the days before electric razors, bathroom plumbing and mirrors, it was a little more complicated, especially when you had to heat the water on the stove to have warm water. There are more beards now, but still not the majority.

I don’t know if this is a worldwide phenomenon, or if it’s just this country, nor do I have any understanding of national beard customs. I think it is a religious matter in some countries, but I don’t know to what extent. If we start seeing pictures of Congress, and all the men have beards, we will have arrived at a new and different era.

Aside from beards, it is amazing the extent to which each human face is different and recognizable. There’s not a lot of territory on a human face, yet they do not look alike. We don’t get confused and we recognize friends and family instantly. Mostly, you can still tell twins apart immediately, if you know them.

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